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Tempus Fuckit

Billy, realizing that Claire has no intention of leaving the party with him, takes the car keys out of his pocket and tries to hand them over so that he can walk or take a cab home by himself. Realizing that he's serious, Claire prevails upon him to chill out and stick around. Which is exactly the moment when the bird flies into the bedroom and buzzes Billy's face. He dodges and rolls onto the bed, screaming, "Fucking fuck! Shit! God! Fuck! Shit!" By the time he's finished, Claire's herded him out into the hallway and shut the door behind them, trapping the bird again. "What is your problem?" Claire demands again. Claire! He is OFF HIS MEDS! Billy says something about things moving around that he can't control, and then corrects himself to say that it's not a problem. "Did you stop taking your medication?" Claire finally clues in. God, Claire, what took so long? Did you stop taking yours? Billy says he did, and that it's a good thing. Todd steps into the hallway as Billy's getting all Creepy Jesus on Claire, and quickly beats a retreat. Billy says he's "sick of feeling like I'm living every moment inside a giant, Xeroxed, fucking cotton ball." He says he's going outside, and Claire tries to stop him. He yells at her and leaves anyway, just as Nate appears to ask what's going on. But Billy's already out the door and Claire's not talking. "He didn't just hit you, did he?" Nate demands, and Claire yells at him to stop being such a freak, and also that the bird is in the bedroom now. Nate wants to know how that happened, and Claire snaps, "It flew in the door! Stop fucking up!" as she storms through the living room into the kitchen. "Stop fucking up"? ["Stoned malapropism?" -- Wing Chun]

Jackie is sitting with Ruth, telling her that Ruth's knitting circle leader used to be on some sitcom. Nobody cares. Keith walks by, carrying the scene over to where David's reading a book to Maya. David complains about the worldly little Pasqueaslets, and says that he and Keith are not raising their kids that way. He leans on Keith about it until Keith agrees. He sure is being agreeable now that he's gotten his way.

Rico's getting some for the second time in as many weeks. Underneath him, Vanessa starts moaning loudly, and he warns her not to wake the kids. "They sleep through it now," she pants. Rico stops for a second, not that Vanessa notices. He seems to consider the levels on which this information is significant. And then he says, "Oh, okay," and heads into the home stretch.

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