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Tempus Fuckit

Nate comes out of the bedroom to find Brenda in the hallway, waiting for her turn in the bathroom. Things are already tense between them, and it escalates quickly when Brenda asks what happened with Claire and Billy. Nate pleads ignorance of the whole affair, and Brenda keeps pushing, asking what happened. Nate rolls his eyes and says, "I don't know what happened, Brenda. I guess what usually happens: your brother went fucking mental." Point to Nate. Tom comes out of the biffy and warns them not to go in for a second, before walking off, cackling. "Why'd you fucking invite that guy?" Nate asks. Then George comes ambling up the hall and disappears into the john. Way to cut in front of the pregnant lady for the bathroom, there, Sir Galahad. Brenda complains about Nate's attitude toward Billy, and Nate cops to it: "I hate that he's with Claire and I hate that he's in our fucking house." Brenda says that at least Billy knows how to keep a secret, which is an odd thing to say of a man who once took a picture of Nate peeing on a wall and then hung it in a gallery. Nate wants to know what the big deal is, since Brenda told Jackie. She says there's a difference between Brenda's telling her supervisor and Nate's telling his family: "Who are now looking at me wondering when I'm going to lose this baby." Shut up, Brenda. Nate says he's just excited, which Brenda discounts as "macho, aggressive, male bullshit." "What the fuck is this?" Nate yells. Brenda says, "When you do stuff like that, it makes me wonder if we should be together." Nate says they just got married, and Brenda says, "Well, if it's not right, it's not right." George comes out of the bathroom right behind Brenda, showing no sign of having heard a word in there. He advises that they light a match in the head. "It wasn't me," he chortles, heading off down the hall. Nate says that Brenda's just freaked out because she's pregnant. "Yeah, with a baby that you don't even want," Brenda spits. "Bullshit!" screams Nate, and Brenda says that Nate lacks the respect to wait until everything's okay before he tells the whole world. "Shut the fuck up!" Nate screams into her face. "I need to pee," she says, and disappears into the bathroom having gotten the last word, sort of. Nate starts heading miserably down the hall, but he's stopped when the kitchen door slides open behind him and Jackie sticks her head out. "Tequila shots in the kitchen," she announces drunkenly. Again, there's no sign that anybody heard a word of the argument. ["Sound really does have magical physical properties on TV." -- Wing Chun] Nate doesn't have to be told twice. He heads back towards the kitchen, because what he needs to be right now is drunker.

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