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Tempus Fuckit

George and Billy are out on the front steps, sneaking a beer together and discussing whether it's their respective mental illnesses or their respective Fisher women that make them crazier. No, actually, Billy just told George he quit taking his pills. George asks how Billy feels. Billy: "A little tingly. That's about it." Billy asks what George's shock treatments are like. George says he honestly doesn't know: "I go in, they put me on a bed, they give me some oxygen. They say, 'You're going to feel a little prick in your hand.' That always makes me laugh." Billy's just scowling. George concludes, "And the next thing I know, I wake up with the worst headache I've ever had in my life." Billy asks if it's helping. George quotes Emile Coue: "'Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.' But not everyone agrees." Huh, I wonder who he means? They agree that it's hard to get your shit together when someone's watching all the time. "But when no one's watching," says George, "then where are you?" And then they warble a few lines of "Daddy Sang Bass," because, as the song says, singin' seems to help a troubled soul. Bill gets up and says he's taking off, and hands the car keys to George to give to Claire. "Happy birthday," says George. "I mean, it's nice to see you," he corrects himself. Billy pats George on the arm, and he's off. George slips the empty beer bottle into his jacket and heads back inside. Sweet scene, but I think I'd like it better if we had any indication that George cares that his stepdaughter is living with an unmedicated loon.

Brenda's sitting in Maya's bedroom, reading a bedtime story. The door's open, so Keith just wanders right in. He tells Brenda that David was the one pushing for kids all this time, but now he's realized that he'll be disappointed if it doesn't work out. Brenda makes reassuring noises, and they both claim that their respective partners are excited as well. And then Keith excuses himself. "G'night, Unc' Keith," says Maya. "I think that's enough for tonight," Brenda says. Recap over?

No. Jackie, Tom, and Todd are sitting around the dining room table oohing over the birthday cake they're eating. Except Tom, who notes that "everything tastes like beer right now." Claire comes in from the kitchen, and Tom hands Claire the keys, which he apparently got from George. Claire is unhappy to hear that Billy left. Tom offers her some cake, and she declines. Tom presses. "Dude, leave her alone," says Todd. "I can take care of myself," says Claire. David and Keith join the little group, and Claire stands there listening to everyone make yummy noises. Claire: "Fuck, all right, fine. I'll have a piece." And she jams a bite the size of her fist into her mouth and ruminates on her situation: her crazy boyfriend's alone out in the night, her mom hates her, and she's got a mouthful of her brother's spit.

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