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Tempus Fuckit

George and Ruth are home and just about ready for bed, but George has a question first: "How many times do I have to FUCKING APOLOGIZE?" He apologizes for his tone, and says he's sorry for what he's putting Ruth through. She says it's not his fault, but she's obviously lying. George paces, saying emotionally, "You don't want to make love to me, you don't want to kiss me, you don't even like being in the same room with me." He says that nobody grows up thinking they're going to be this way, and that if he could change by snapping his fingers, he would. Bold statement there. Ruth actually seems to be affected by this as he says he's trying to get better, and she says she knows. "I am so lucky," he says. "I hate that I'm the lucky one. Nobody's ever been lucky to have me." Ruth doesn't know what to say. We're supposed to feel sorry for him here, but I'd be more on his side if not for that whole "non-disclosure of mental illness" thing.

In her slip, Claire reaches for a bong on a bedside table and takes a long hit. And then she hands it over to Todd, who's lying in bed next to her, naked. Ew. Well, naked except for his Livestrong bracelet. Heh. Nice touch, that. Fade to white, so that we can finally get into the following morning's fallout.

The next morning, Rico's lying in bed. Vanessa, already dressed in her work scrubs, wakes him with a peck on the cheek instead of a hail of Fritos. She says he has to go: "I don't want the boys to see you. It'll confuse them." Rico sits up, groggy, and says, "All right." Vanessa looks at him sadly, or sympathetically, or wondering what's up with his hair when he wakes up.

David giddily thanks whomever he's just getting off the phone with. Keith asks who it was as he comes into the room. "Roger," David says in amazement. As it happens, Mrs. Pasqueasel used to be a board chairman at an adoption agency, and she called in a favor so now Keith and David can adopt through them if they want to. She can do that? Without even knowing why the other adoption got scuttled in the first place? Keith is uncertain, since they made a commitment to Mary. David knows, but reminds us that they did say they'd pursue both. Keith agrees. Good thing the Pasqueasel's paying Keith a shitload of money, because this daddy thing is going to get expensive. Keith: "So now Roger's your hero, huh?" David is as surprised as anyone. Keith sits back with his paper. "So you got, like, almost no hair cut yesterday, right?" "He just took a little off the top," David says innocently. But the back is really thoroughly combed.

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