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Tempus Fuckit

Claire comes home, wearing entirely different clothes than she was in the previous night. Billy's sitting in a chair, wide awake, his arms folded inside his "Ski Iraq" shirt. "Where have you been?" he asks, unfolding himself like an awakening spider. Claire says that she spent the night at her house. "You fucked somebody," Billy says. He gets up and walks casually towards her. "I'm not mad," he adds. Claire scoffs elaborately at him. Billy asks if it was Todd, and gets all intense Creepy Jesus on her. "I forgive you, Claire, if you just admit it. Just be honest with me." Claire, on the verge of tears, confesses, "Yeah, it was him." Billy nods and steps toward her, asking, "Will you fuck me now?" Claire says no, probably because he's been wearing the same shirt for three days now. She pushes Billy away. "But I forgive you!" he whines. "Come on, I need to be inside of you." Claire yells no again, grabs her bag, and runs out. Billy's too busy crying and freaking out to follow. Yikes.

Nate carries a black garbage back out to the trash bin, and looks sad when he lifts the lid. Because there, of course, on top of all the rest of the week's refuse, is the body of the dead bird .The perspective shifts to a shot up at Nate from inside the bin. I don't think this is normally what's meant by the phrase "bird's-eye view." "Sorry," says Nate, and sets the Hefty bag on top of the bird. I can't believe he would just throw away a perfectly good camera like that.

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