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David and Keith approach the Pasqueasel's front door, David complaining to Keith about his agreeing to pick up the boss's stinky cat at the vet instead of spending the morning with his partner. "Let it go," Keith reiterates, and rings the doorbell. The door is answered by, of all people, Julie Brown. Not the '80s MTV VJ, but the other one. She introduces herself as Sissy Pasquese and invites the boys in. She heads inside while David hangs back so that he can rudely, loudly whisper questions at Keith about who she is and who the kids are that she's talking about. Hearing this, she turns around and says, "David? We're married, Roger's gay, and I'm fine with it. But we keep it quiet because we're very private people." "Thank you," says David, refreshed by her straightforwardness. "That's all I needed." I don't know, I think you need better manners, you nosy bastard.

Rico's putting makeup on the Corpse of the Week when his cell phone rings. It's someone else's nanny, who by some miscommunication is currently stuck babysitting Rico's kid. Rico says that Vanessa should be there soon to pick the kid up, but the nanny says that Vanessa's unreachable and that her employers left an hour ago. So it's just Rico's bored kid and his friend's nanny there now. Rico apologizes and says that he'll be right there. He can just leave? I guess it's not like the Corpse of the Week is going anywhere.

The Pasqueasel's cat, despite being stinky, is one of those cats that's allowed on the kitchen table. I love my cats, but they're not allowed on the table. At least not when I'm in the room. Mrs. Pasqueasel is giving us all some more of her backstory over Kir Royales, talking about how she had to get out of L.A. and hasn't been back since for more than a few days at a time. "I miss her when she's gone," purrs the Pasqueasel, putting an arm around his wife. David asks what brings her to town today. "Pedunculated fibroid," she says. "Shit for me." I don't know what that is, but I'm pretty sure I don't want one. Also, as she explains, the kids need haircuts, and she gestures to the other room where a shaggy pair of his 'n' hers tween moppets are quietly playing chess. She asks how Keith and David's adoption is going, and Keith says that's not happening. "Because you bit Roger?" Mrs. Pasqueasel asks David. Keith says that it got complicated. "Shit for you guys, huh?" she says. The Pasqueasel asks Keith to take the kids to the hair salon while he takes the missus to the doctor. David jumps in to answer that they have an errand of their own. But Keith quickly wilts under the Pasqueasel's stony stare and agrees. "The cat still reeks," Mrs. Pasqueasel complains as David glares at Keith.

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