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Brenda and her boss Jackie are hard at work at the office. Doing what? Making origami cranes. I have no idea how that relates to eating disorders. Jackie's trying to talk Brenda down out of her tree about Nate, with a predictable degree of success. She's saying that it's okay for people to do things for other people, but Brenda says that's not good enough; she wants Nate to "want to have [their] baby, not to do [her] the favor of letting [her] have [hers]." Jackie points out that Nate has Maya already, and Brenda says that it's not the same. "Maybe he's afraid of losing another one," Jackie says, and asks if it's so terrible if Nate is doing it just for Brenda. Jackie uses herself as an example, saying that she was fine stopping after one kid, but that she had another one because her husband wanted a boy. Brenda doesn't have a response, except to ask Jackie not to tell anyone until Brenda's sure everything's going to be all right. "I swear, sometimes you're like Eeyore," Jackie understates, and proudly holds up a little paper crane. "Ten thousand to go," she says, putting it aside. You know, all this talk about how Nate reacted to the news of the pregnancy this time makes me wonder how he reacted last time. But since nobody ever mentions that throughout the entire episode, it must not have happened. I guess we just have to assume that he knew about Brenda's first pregnancy without having to be told, or something. Or maybe she was just smarter about it last time, and told him by email.

Little Julio is busy copying a picture of Bush's second inauguration out of the newspaper while the nanny argues over the phone with somebody irrelevant. Rico comes in and picks up his kid, while the nanny barely takes a breath to acknowledge his arrival and departure. Good nanny.

Where was Claire off to earlier? Well, right now she's sitting in her car in a park somewhere, picking up her voicemail messages on her cell phone. We only hear two, but they're from Billy and they're only minutes apart. And also desperately needy. Except that he's not asking for any meds because, as you and I know, but Claire doesn't, Billy's off his meds now. "Please get a life for one minute, please," Claire begs her phone, and leans back in the driver's seat. Yeah, Billy. Be like a normal person and go sit in your car in a park.

Keith and David are driving along with the creepy-ass Pasqueaslets in the back seat. The boy asks if they have wives besides being gay. "We're a married couple, essentially," David says. The girl explains that when the Pasqueasel got married, "he was completely homosexual in his orientation. Only he was in such denial about it because of the social pressure, he didn't even know he was gay." "That happens," Keith says, because David's too flummoxed to speak. "Do you ever have sex with chicks?" the boy asks, and I have to give the casting department props on finding two kids who look like they could have been Pasqueezed out of the Pasqueasel and Julie Brown. It's eerie. "I don't," David says with a significant look at Keith. Busted, Keith admits that he's had sex with "a few" women. Boy: "Have you had sex with my dad?" Girl: "You are kind of his type." Boy: "Do you guys have orgies?" David cuts off the discussion and orders no more talking until they get to the hair salon. "They have orgies," the boy says as his sister nods knowingly. This is why I'm only having one kid.

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