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Tempus Fuckit

Fortunately for all of us, Nate's cell phone rings. Late Nate tells him to take it: "I've got time." Nate answers his phone to find his wife at the other end. "What are you doing?" Brenda asks. Nate says that he's still at work, and asks if everything's okay. "How's the baby?" he asks. Opening a bottle of wine, for some reason, Brenda snarks, "I haven't lost it since this morning, if that's what you're asking." Even Late Nate makes a pained/amused face at that as Live Nate backpedals. Brenda asks Live Nate to stop at Whole Foods (or, as I like to call it, Whole Paycheck, because have you seen the prices at that place? It's cheaper to eat out. In Paris) and pick up something for Maya, and also to make sure that he calls her from there in case she's forgotten anything. Nate agrees, and then asks if he's going to come home to a big fight. Brenda lightly says no, and they say goodbye. You'd think that little reminder of what it used to be like to be married to Lisa would cheer Nate up a little, but he's pretty uncheerable. When he hangs up, Late Nate's gone. Guess he didn't have much time after all. I like it when Late Nate shows up; I just wish that Nate's version of him wasn't such a nasty old prick.

David is indeed getting his hair cut. Well, he's not, really; he's just sitting in the chair with paper over his upper body and water in his hair while the actor behind him fiddles with a comb. But he is taking advantage of the opportunity to bitch to the hairdresser about his and Keith's itinerary for the day thus far: "It's like his job came and found my day and ate it." The hairdresser says he learned when he was a kid that it's never fun to go to work with Dad: "But saying no is the hardest thing in the world. At least for me." "Me too," says David. They look at each other in the mirror.

Cut to the bathroom, where David and the hairdresser are furiously making out and groping each other. I think maybe they both just found something harder than saying no. The hairdresser starts undoing David's pants. It takes him forever, though. I'm thinking this actor isn't any more gay than he is qualified to weild a pair of shears. He can't dress hair; he can't undress men; what can he do? The delay gives David time to call a halt. The hairdresser looks annoyed and disappointed, but he says it's okay. David starts blathering excuses and blah blah blah damagedcakes, and the hairdresser just nicely tells David to hang out in the bathroom by himself for a second and get his shit together. Once the hairdresser's gone, David locks the door and regards himself in the mirror. He's got an expression on his face like he's wondering who the hell he's looking at. But did you see that? He said no!

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