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In the dark of the evening, Nate trudges up to the front door of his house with his plastic Whole Paycheck grocery bag ["Oh, NATE. You always get paper -- it's recyclable! And then you can feel doubly smug for shopping at Whole Foods!" -- Wing Chun] and lets himself into the front door. As soon as he closes it behind him, a bunch of people in his living room holler, "Surprise!" There's Claire, Billy, George, Ruth, Brenda, Maya, Maggie, Jackie (?), Nate's idiot high-school buddy Tom , and Nate and Lisa's Season 3 camping buddy Todd (??!?!).They're even standing under a banner that reads "Oh LORDY, Nate's 40!" Nate regards the scene with naked horror, while everyone laughs and claps and points at him in that way that people always do when they're having more fun at a surprise party than the guest of honor is, which in my experience is almost always. Nate finally manages to crack a smile as Brenda carries Maya over for a kiss. Nate takes his daughter as he reads the banner aloud. "Is that your idea?" he asks Maya. Heh. I think even she's more mature than that. Brenda introduces Jackie, who I guess she invited in return for all the help making the thousand and one origami cranes, which are hanging in strings all over the house). Nate switches Maya to his other arm so that he can shake his boss-in-law's hand. "So the whole Big Sur thing is just a ruse, huh?" he asks. Brenda asks if Nate's disappointed. Nate lies that he isn't. Everyone else -- Claire, George, Billy, Ruth, and Maggie, among others -- is still just standing there watching the whole scene instead of getting on with their lives. But I guess they can't hear when Brenda goes off to get a beer and Jackie congratulates Nate on the baby. Nate recovers rather quickly from his surprise that Jackie knows, and he thanks her with as much sincerity as he can muster. Dude, save some for later; you're going to need it.

Looks like Rico and Vanessa managed to defuse their little conflict, because Rico's sitting at the dinner table with her and the Fedriquitos. Vanessa says grace, which, to Rico's disappointment, consists entirely of "Thank you, God, for this food. Amen." Rico complains about the abbreviated grace -- "gra," if you will -- but Vanessa blows it off and the meal begins. One of the kids offers Rico some Fritos, which triggers a flashback to Illeana waking him up in the last episode by pelting him with them. Rico smiles at his son and politely declines: "I'm good." See, he's getting what he needs in places other than home, which of course makes him less desperate and more attractive. Or maybe that scene was just filler.

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