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Get out, Nate. Seriously.

On another beach, Claire's parked the hearse so she and Russell can hang out in peace. He hands her a box, and she asks if she forgot some weird relationship anniversary. Wrong approach, Claire! Just take the present! Anyway, she eventually does, and opens the box to see the tube of cobalt. Claire asks, "How did you ever get this?" "Magic," Russell replies, declining to clarify whether it's the five-fingered kind of magic or the American Express kind. Claire thanks Russell by calling him a dumb-ass, and he tells her, "I don't care what you do with it. I just wanted you to have it. I have a theory that every now and then, a person should get what they want when they want it. It keeps you optimistic." Claire immediately replies, "That's a good theory. But I've never been optimistic, so..." "Maybe it's time to start," Russell replies. You can tell that Claire's totally moved by the gift. After Claire reminds Russell that he just spent a lot of money on her, he replies, "So what? Money only fucks up art anyway, right?" You know, if there are any writers who feel that way, send that awful, distracting cash right on over here. I'll take the necessary risk that my art is compromised by filthy lucre. ["Me too, me too!" -- Sars] Russell continues, "I'd rather be poor and see you happy." That's Claire's cue to come on over and snuggle up to Russell and swoon up at him. She says, "I have to be careful I don't get too used to this," since it's a refreshing break from the stream of promiscuous, gun-toting losers she usually goes for. Russell informs her that she can feel free to get used to it. This is when Claire brings up Olivier, and we find out that neither of them are exactly running to their lord and master with news of their love lives. That dialogue -- and the attendant rain of tiny anvils with Olivier's name on them that it prompted -- out of the way, the two of them can get back to enjoying the rest of this episode, as they're the designated happy couple this week.

Back at the House of Fisher, Ruth is twirling around the parlor singing "My Favorite Things" while Arthur plays the organ, and the whole set-up is only one midget and a law enforcement official away from being a Twin Peaks outtake. Nate watches from the door, torn between horror and amusement. When Ruth finally realizes Nate's been watching her, she launches into the Arthur Monologues; Nate couldn't care less what talents beat in the birdlike chest of the industrious Arthur. He cares that Arthur check in with Rico -- and Arthur assures him gravely that he will -- but anything else is not relevant to him.

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