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Get out, Nate. Seriously.

Nate goes into another round of denial when he claims he's not in love with Brenda anymore, and Lisa rebuts, "You went to her father's funeral!" Where he's going to proposition her between scripture readings? This is...why Nate stays in this scene, much less in this marriage, is baffling to me. Nate points out that he didn't go to the funeral until he got Lisa's okay. She wails, "Well, why do you keep spending time with her? Why can't you let her go?" Because drinks and a funeral don't really constitute an obsessive affair on Nate's part? Nate assures her that he and Brenda are over. Lisa may be crazy, but she's not stupid; she calls bullshit. Nate also points out that his past affair with Brenda doesn't diminish his marriage. Again, crazy Lisa manages to correctly perceive that as the bullshit it is: "When you come back from spending time with her, you're different." Nate snaps, "What are you talking about? How am I different?" Lisa blurts, "You're more you, like the you that you used to be!" Like, the Nate Lisa was idealizing and squandering her emotional energy on in Seattle, as opposed to the Nate she's saddled with who might actually force her to realize she wasted a lot of time and energy on a delusion? That Nate? This Nate counters, "Yeah, well I wish you were more fucking like you used to be!" Lisa claims she hasn't changed at all. Nate begs to differ: "Yes, you have! You used to have a life. You had friends. You had a job. You didn't spend every waking moment focusing on what's wrong with me, and how I'm constantly disappointing you." Rather than counter that assertion, Lisa bails out of the discussion after throwing some truffles at him.

Out at the Chenowith condo, Brenda is meditating on Bern's urn, but Billy's only half-listening. He admits, "I hated him for so long." "He did the best he could. We all did," Brenda sighs. She goes to talk into the urn, but that freaks Billy out. As Brenda backs away from the ashes and comments, "Wow, that's what Nate faces every day," we see Zhora standing in the doorway behind her children, watching them on the couch. She finally says, "I suppose we have to do something with your father's goddamned ashes." Billy reminds her that it is kind of traditional, but Zhora can't handle that. Brenda points out that Bern's in no hurry to go anywhere. Zhora comes over, saying, "You've never felt so much like my children before. Having your father around always took the edge off that sensation, I think. But I look at you both now, and you're so mine." "Thanks?" Brenda tries. Zhora comes over to sit between them on the couch, and Zhora continues, "When you were little children, Bren, you used to start everything you said to us with an 'and' or a 'but.' You'd say, 'And, Mom, can we go to the store?' 'But, Dad, when we were talking before, you said…' You always started with a conjunction like that. And Billy, when you started talking, you did the same thing. He learned that from you, Bren. Your father used to say living with you two was like listening to the longest sentence in the history of the universe. And now there's no one to hear it but me." Billy and Brenda reach out for her, and the three of them silently sit together on the couch.

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