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Get out, Nate. Seriously.

After the latest "fuck!" and a slammed-down phone, Rico appears and asks what's going on. Nate explains, "I thought I could drop Maya off with Todd and Dana's nanny for a while, but I guess not." Rico volunteers his own wife for child-care duty, what with her already being home with the boys. Nate asks if Vanessa's going to be okay with a third kid dropped in her lap, and Rico assures him, "Of course! She loves babies." Nate minimizes the commitment that watching Maya would entail, and Rico speaks for his wife with a lordly wave of his hand. I do feel for Rico here -- he's trying to figure out how to snap his wife out of her funk, he's trying to make nice with his business partners, and...oh, look, he's trying to get Vanessa a little pin money too: "You'll have to pay her." Now I've jumped the fence to the Shut Up, Rico Rolling Estates, 'cause he sure didn't pitch the Vanessa thing like it was a business transaction; nor did he give Nate a chance to volunteer the information about the princely $20 he's willing to put up for an afternoon of childcare.

But before we can spend too much time watching this potentially awkward situation develop, we're on to another one of the episode's plots: David and Keith. David is criticizing Keith's shirt because "it covers up all of your good," Keith repeats, "My good big parts?" with no enthusiasm, and David plows on over him with, "Yeah! Take that thing off, and go put on something better -- maybe your silver DKNY t-shirt." Keith turns around and asks, "Is this a brunch or a fashion show?" and David replies that "I want everyone to be jealous of my beautiful boyfriend, is that okay? I have, like, two things going for me in this world, and you're one of them." Keith teases, "What's the other one?" and David rolls his eyes before admitting, "All right -- one. Anyway, you knew that sweatshirt was a bad idea when you put it on." Keith folds. Canoodling follows. Keith makes a case for blowing off brunch in favor of other activities, but David's all, "You make a very strong case, but I really want a mimosa." David! For the love of God, Keith's offering you the chance to pour champagne and OJ all over him, and you still want to go out? No wonder this relationship is in trouble.

And now, Ruth reaches a new low as she stalks Arthur during the course of his run. Then again, what lonely forty- or fifty-something woman wouldn't be driven mad by someone shuffling along in a knees-locked gait, big black shoes and pajama-like sweats flapping in the breeze? Anyway, Ruth's gone all creepy: she crouches in the bushes as Arthur huffs and puffs past her. She does have a new hat, probably purchased for anonymity.

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