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Get out, Nate. Seriously.

Nate's headed over to Casa de Rico, where Vanessa answers the door brightly, Augusto on her hip, and says, "It's so cool you're leaving the baby here for a while." Nate walks into the living room, and he's all, "What's that smell?" Vanessa explains that she tried to make rice pudding, but the milk was all weird; I'm going to assume that by "weird," she meant "bad." Nate's discomfort only increases as he finally walks into the living room. Julio's planted in front of the television, and the contents of the local Toys 'R' Us are scattered all over the floor. Nate looks around with the parental misgivings only someone whose kid is not yet mobile and making messes can have, and Vanessa hurriedly explains, "It's a mess. I was just starting to clean when you called. Two kids, you know? It's so hard to keep up." Nate lies, "I can imagine." Vanessa looks up with a wide, fake smile and says, "I don't think you can. I know it seems like having two kids would be twice as hard, but it's like three, four times as much to do." Or, as a friend of mine put it, more kids aren't linear; they're quadratic. Vanessa unwittingly gives him a shout-out with, "I don't know how that is, you know, the math, but somehow it all adds up." Nate's clearly horrified by the prospect of leaving his daughter with a woman who talks about how hard it is to keep up with two kids of her own. Vanessa keeps on talking: "You're lucky you just have one. And Lisa's such a good mom, I bet she does everything right." I bet that anvil whistling to the ground behind Vanessa portends something awful happening to or around Julio or Augusto later this season. Nate feebly answers, "She's, uh, good. Yeah." Vanessa, who's still wearing a Joker-like grin on her face, says, "Because I get so tired sometimes, I could almost cry." Then, perhaps sensing that this is something she shouldn't be telling Nate, Vanessa changes the topic to children's television, sighing for Barney, "Things were so much simpler then." As she goes to put some of the toys away, Nate looks around the living room, and it's evident he's not going to be dropping off Maya.

Claire and Russell are walking through the aisles of the art supplies store, with Claire drooling, "I could go totally broke in this place." Russell adds, "Every time I come here, I feel like Augustus Gloop in the chocolate room. You know what I'm talking about?" Claire does: "Oh, yeah. When I was a kid, those Oompa Loompas used to freak me out." She's not the only one. Russell reveals the roots of his tormented soul with, "Whenever it was on, my mom would make us watch it? And I would cry every time, and she didn't even care." They chatter some more about that movie -- Russell thinks it's "a fucking nightmare" -- and by the time that conversation has died a natural death, they're in the paint aisle. Claire's entranced by a tube of cobalt blue: "Just think -- this is the natural part of the earth that's this color blue." Russell, who's hanging all over Claire, murmurs, "Like Olivier said." Claire continues, "It's an element, and you just, like, add oil to it and you can make pictures with it. It's so cave-people-y. I love it." Russell suggests that Claire buy it, but she pooh-poohs the idea, what with that one tube of cobalt costing $50. No wonder artists are starving if they're paying that much for paint..

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