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George and Maggie, Maggie and George. Back at the LAXeria, Maggie regales Ruth with stories about her father back before he was a great old coot sitting on the porch with a shotgun, reminding them of the time when he took the kids "hiking, camping." Ruth beams like a schoolgirl, clutching her pearls and exclaiming, "Camping! I love camping!" Remember when he took you hiking and you bailed because he didn't care about family? Just saying. For some reason, Maggie even takes it upon herself to sing a clip of a campfire song George used to sing that goes, "Above the plain of golden green." Excuse me, honey, don't you have a taxiing plane somewhere you need to go forth and deal with? George excuses himself to make sure the restrooms are equipped with radiation detectors (or maybe to do something else. They don't take the cameras in there with him), and as soon as he's gone, Maggie turns to Ruth and, in the most deadly serious tone someone can muster after singing the words "A-hoo-ya-ya," asks her, "So, how's he been?" Ruth pauses and answers with a thoughtful "Fine." Maggie keeps pushing: "No problems? You can tell me." Ruth asks just what she means, and Maggie -- seeing that Ruth is horrifically unprepared for marriage to a nutter -- grabs a business card from within her remaining stores of Cipro and tells her, "Ruth, I want you to have all my numbers." Ruth thanks her and Maggie tacks on for good measure, "He trusts me." Yeah. I liked him better when he was a slightly distant womanizer.

Oh, fun. People on TV watching TV. David and Keith are sitting in the living room watching a black-and-white movie it's too late for me to look up, and David picks up an early conversation in asking, "Do you think I should?" Keith, glass of wine in hand because does this man drive him to drink or what, shrugs and responds, "I can't tell you what to do." David posits that if he sees Jimmy Felon face to face, David can finally "get [his] balls back." Keith offers to go with him, but David says with no conviction at all, "No, I have to handle this alone." Keith reminds David that that's also what he said when Keith was on the road, and that this time he's not "taking any chances." They hug meaningfully and fans of beefcake sigh.

The Diaz children -- both named Julio if I had to guess at it -- watch television in the living room of Rico's ex-house. Vanessa enters in her nurse's uniform and starts complaining about the state of cleanliness in the house, telling them, "Look at this mess. You're supposed to be helping me out here." She grabs a garbage bag and forces them onto their feet, an event that causes much sudden laughing and frolicking in the living room. And it's all watched by Rico, sitting outside in his car. In which he is alone. For once.

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