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George sits in the -- what room is that? Is that the sun room? -- talking to the lady in blue from his dream. He tells her, "Every day, it seems harder to breathe. Is that my imagination?" She turns from the window and faces him, and responds, "No. The air is poison, George. It's a scientific fact." He tells her that he keeps thinking something terrible is going to happen, and she comfortingly tells him, "It's already happening. Our days are numbered. It's only a matter of time." He tells her that he believes he can prepare, and the lady in blue provides a clue as to who she is, maybe, when she responds, "Don't be naïve, George. You weren't brought up that way. There's no hope." He puts his head in his hands and yells, "Stop saying that," and just then Ruth enters the room to find George deeply immersed in conversation with no one. "No. No, I won't," he tells no one. Finally. The invisible. George finally finds his best listening audience.

Mrs. Brandon't sits alone at her ex-husband's wake. Seeing her all furrowed brows and almost tears, Rico is soon to walk forward and ask if she's all right. She tells him she is, and then tells him she's not, and asks if he'll stay and sit with her. He sits down across from her and she starts right in: "The way he died. Oh, god, it's awful. I can't stop thinking about it. If there was anyone who deserved to go in their sleep, it was Ken." Who? Oh, half-pint over there. That's right. She continues on, "We weren't close anymore." Rico hopefully remembers, "He was your husband once." But that was a long time ago, she argues, and, in fact, "When I got the call, I had to think, 'Ken who?'" Rico doesn't seem happy with that development. But now it's all come back, you see. Every minute they spent together. All the times they had. All of the elevators that didn't brutally cut him in half. She tells Rico that she's going to bury him with the rest of her family, and Rico agrees, "Family's family. Divorce doesn't change that." Actually, it does. But that's what you say when you're in mourning, so...have at it, y'all. "When people get in your heart," she begins, and Rico takes it the rest of the way home: "They stay for good." So, Rico, I hear you gave back your house key and stuff. Any truth in that?

"Maggie, this is Ruth...I'm worried about your father." What a coincidence that right after the daughter warns her about things going terribly wrong, things go terribly wrong. It's too bad she didn't change her attitude and be all, "Ruth, just a warning: sometimes my father sneezes hundred-dollar bills."

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