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Back at the Exorcising Your Demons Correctional Facility, moody streaks of daylight stream in from the outside while David sits alone in large visiting room while I desperately wish this were an episode of Arrested Development. An orange jumpsuit-clad Jimmy Felon is led into the room, his hands cuffed behind his back, his facial hair wolfman-esque in its ugliness. David steels himself for battle, and Jimmy Felon enters, takes his place in front of David, pauses, and asks, "Who are you?" David answers, and recognition dawns in Jimmy's eyes. He sits down across from David and asks, "How you doin'?" Evidently, David isn't doing that well: "I hope you're happy here behind bars, where you belong." Jimmy Felon counters that no one belongs behind bars, and asks David if he's ever been through detox, noting, "It's like dying." Yes, yes. With the pain and sweats and the baby on the ceiling. We've all been there. "Did you bring me something?" he crazily asks, and a Glarkware shirt about visiting someone in prison and only getting this stupid t-shirt pops into my head and is quickly discarded. David shoots back, "No. I hate you." Which, awesome. I wrote a line of dialogue almost identical to that one, and it's totally the best work I've ever done. David makes a quick travelogue of his activities with Jimmy on that fateful ride, blaming him for the fact that he feels like everyone is going to "humiliate and murder" him. Jimmy promises, "Well, they are. So I did you a favor. Now you'll be a little more careful, won't you?" Jimmy: 1. David: 0. David demands an apology, and Jimmy seems to possess a high level of clarity when he argues, "For defending myself? Fuck you." David sighs and says almost wistfully, "You really are sick," and Jimmy counters, "I'm not the one who sits in jail when he doesn't have to." Checkmate. David stands up and Jimmy calls after him, "Look, you can come visit me again if you want to." David stares and responds, "No, I won't be back." Jimmy suggests they do lunch when he gets paroled (no, really), and David leaves with the words, "Probably not. I'm pretty busy." See that? He was really just crazy all along. Wow. That was the most wildly unsatisfying resolution ever.

Claire's eyes bug wildly as she makes the rounds of the Mallory Gallery, telling people what to think about art. Her professional bullshittery is interrupted by periodic glances of Russell, staring at her forebodingly from a nearby balcony. Back in the bathroom, she snorts another spoonful of inspiration, and rubs some of it on her teeth because that's what she saw people do in a movie about drugs once. Anita asks Claire if she's spoken to The Matthew Barney Of LAC Arts, and Anita suggests, "You should at least get him high." Claire wants to know what people are saying about the show, and Anita says she really doesn't know. Claire busts back out into the throngs, leaving Anita alone to get barged in on. Cocaine sure does make people nicer.

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Six Feet Under




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