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Closing time. Russell has found Claire again, and we discover her screaming at him, "My god, you freak, when are you gonna let it go?" Russell says that that will happen "when [she admits] in public that [he is] part of [her] work." She tells him in no uncertain terms, "They are mine. And people love them," and with absolutely no buffer at all, Russell comes out with, "I love you!" She shakes her head and argues, "You fucked a man and lied about it." So really, what else is he to do but scream back "You had an abortion without me!"? Claire practically spits in his face, and just then, Billy reenters out of seeming nowhere and asks if there's a problem. Russell turns on him and whispers, "You are so deeply irrelevant," and then turns back to Claire and asks, "Are you fucking him now?" Billy acts the older man and holds on to Russell's arms, but it's really only to stop him from looking like a big queen when he lets go and Russell goes all "tickle fight!" on him and just starts flailing his arms wildly. Fag.

"Are you crazy?" Hoyt offers from the other side of a mahogany desk from where Nate sits. Nate warns him, "I'll ask you one more time. Then I'm calling the police. Did you take that picture?" Hoyt good-guys his arms upward and is all, "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!" He looks at the picture then and remembers, "This was a couple of years ago. We had a picnic." Nate knows he's a liar -- a "fucking liar," in fact -- and tells him, "You were there on that beach with Lisa the day she died...this proves it." Hoyt tries sidestepping it once more, but he shifts uncomfortably in his big leather chair and takes care of hanging himself: "This is a place that we used to go. I'd drive south and I'd meet her there." Nate doesn't get it. "Alone?" he asks. Hoyt: "We had a thing." Nate gets the appropriate look on his face for someone who just found out whose sloppy seconds they are, as Hoyt continues on, "You know Lisa. She was intense." Nate asks if it went on while he was married, and Hoyt tells him, "Before." But Nate still doesn't believe him, so Hoyt has to change the subject again: "She told me what it was like to be your wife. What the fuck is wrong with you?" More more more! "She might have killed herself because of you." But Nate knows for certain that she didn't kill herself, and that she never would have left Maya: "So you tell me what happened on that beach right now. Right the fuck now." Oh, fine: "I wanted some time by ourselves. Lisa said she wasn't into it. Y'know, clean slate, never again. Okay, fine. I couldn't let her tell Barb." He promises, "I didn't get angry at her." He says they had a talk and went their separate ways. And you know who knows that now? You wanna guess? That's right...Barb. Because she's standing on the bottom step of a flight of stairs leading into the office, and she's crying and crying. So, like any responsible husband, Hoyt reaches into his desk and pulls out a gun, shoving it in his mouth and blowing his head off in a flash. It's really quite graphic.

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Six Feet Under




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