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Rico arranges photographs of his kids, Julio and Julio, on his bedside table because he lives there now.

Claire brings Billy into her house because an art show at a public gallery is a postmodern "A," but sleeping with the teacher is a time-tested "A+."

Police car lights blaze as Hoyt's body is wheeled out of the house. Man. That must be half the police force of Idaho out there.

Ruth wakes up and finds herself alone in bed. She finds her way down to the bomb shelter, where she finds George asleep on a cot in the back. She wakes him up and he tells her he must have fallen asleep. Yeah. That explains the sleeping, all right. She tells him, "Let's go back to the house." But he looks at her for a second and replies, "I can't do that." She reminds him that that's where they live, but he's giving her another think coming: "No, Ruth. This is where I live now." Another lesson learned. Never get married.

No, seriously, you guys? Never get married. Never, I say, get...ah, nobody listens. Nate, still covered in Hoyt's blood, returns to his house, where he discovers Brenda angelically waiting for him, holding Maya. He hugs Brenda and suggests, "Let's get married and have a baby." She accepts as Maya is asphyxiated between them. How romantic.

David lies in bed awake as rain pours down outside. He walks into the living room, where he finds his father standing on at the deck, clad in his suit, smoking a cigarette. David approaches and notes the rain, as his father tells him, "You were brave to face him...I'm proud of you." David smiles a little, and then replies, "I thought it would set me free, but it didn't change anything. Except now I know he really is insane." Dead Dad Fisher tells him, "You're missing the point," but David argues, "There is no point. That's the point." Dead Dad sighs and says he expects better from David than this "phony existential bullshit." I like that he expects better from David, which means, by extension, he expects exactly that from all of his other disappointing, sickly pretentious children. "You can do anything, you lucky bastard. You're alive. What's a little pain compared to that?" Is that the point? I guess it is. Something big must be going on emotionally in someone's life, after all. That's the only time on TV it ever rains in L.A.

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Six Feet Under




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