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Nobody Likes A Busybody

We end the episode with one last trip up to Topanga canyon, where Kathy and Ruth are still lying on the hammock, bonding over white wine and Vicodin. Ruth ascribes her irrational fear of hammocks to a traumatic cartoon-watching experience in her youth, and then opines that everything is incredibly peaceful up there in the woods. This, of course, is accompanied by Sarah wailing in the background, and we slowly fade to white as the ladies wax poetic about the lazy, carefree life of the American hobo. And that's it, kids. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes, and I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again.

But before I go, I do want to throw out a quick plug here for the Children of Dune miniseries that's airing on the Sci-Fi Network this week. It's actually on at the same time as SFU, and I doubt there's much crossover between the fan bases, but I'll be recapping it just like I did the original way back when I first started here. If nothing else, you'll definitely want to tune in just to see what happens when I have to recap seven hours of television in less than seven days. Who knows? I might just snap and start shooting up TWoP Towers. But don't worry. I've only fired a gun once in my life (during my brief, one-week stint in the Israeli Army. Yeah. Don't ask), and I have really lousy aim. Anyway, I'll see you next week, either in the cemetery or out on the sand dunes.

Aaron: So, um, I've got four recaps coming up next week, and I really think I deserve a...
Sars: Get out. Now.

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