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As you totally knew it would, this leads to a massive argument once the parents have left the building. Rico thinks the Fishers are willing to do anything for a dollar, but David has the ultimate trump card here. "Fisher & Sons has never turned down a funeral," he reminds us. "And neither will Fisher & Diaz." I know I rip Rico all the time, but give Freddy Rodriguez credit here for the nice moment when he realizes that The Late Nate certainly never would have turned these people away, no matter how distasteful it might have been. David insists that you can't blame the parents in these situations, but even though he's resigned to holding the funeral, Rico still isn't willing to agree. "Yes, I can blame them," he says. "And I do. Maybe if they'd done a better job of raising their kid, he wouldn't have killed all those people. He'd be an innocent man." Depending on your feelings about the whole Nature vs. Nurture debate, he may very well have a good point there. But still, I always assumed that there was some sort of undertaker's code where they weren't allowed to refuse a funeral. If even the guiltiest criminal is constitutionally guaranteed a competent defense, then shouldn't they also be guaranteed quality embalming?

Up in Topanga (ahh, Boy Meets World. Why hast thou forsaken us?), Ruth arrives at her sister's place, only to be greeted by Kathy Bates. Because she's Kathy Bates, her first line gets to be "Too bad you didn't get here five minutes ago. You could have cleaned up her puke." Boy, it sure is great to see Kathy broadening her range like this, isn't it? Ruth is obviously nonplussed by this development, and things only get worse when Sarah stumbles out of the bedroom looking like she's just been run over by a truck. She begs for a moment alone with her sister, but when Kathy refuses to leave, Sarah makes a desperate grab for the pharmacy bag Ruth has in her hands. Kathy heads her off, however, and threatens to forcibly return her to the bedroom if Sarah doesn't calm down. Once she's left the room, Kathy explains that Sarah is in withdrawal, and that she has prescriptions for Vicodin and Captain Jack at half the pharmacies in L.A. Frances Conroy's "D'oh"-like sigh of disappointment when she realizes that her sister played her for a fool is quite possibly the funniest moment in the entire episode. It's almost topped, however, when Kathy says, "Your sister begged me to help her get through this, no matter what" and Sarah re-emerges to shout, "Fuck that, I was high!" Hee! Actually, it's more the middle finger she extends on her way back into the bedroom that really sells the line, but I was giggling either way.

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