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The Chateau-Fu (tm Chico again). David and Keith arrive for dinner and park their car in the driveway next to Lisa's. Uh oh. That's gonna cause trouble, I can tell. As they walk to the front door, Keith remarks that he still thinks Lisa's pregnancy seems a little suspicious, and David apologizes repeatedly for missing therapy. "I was happy you weren't there," smiles Keith. "Frank was, too." "Frank loves me!" replies an indignant David. Heh. "You may be right," Keith tells him, but even so, Frank still thinks David has a lot of work to do. Especially because he's such a "passive-aggressive guilt sponge." "God," answers David. "I'll never miss therapy again." "That's right, bitch," declares Keith, before emphasizing the sentiment by smacking David on the ass. David responds in kind, and then Nate opens the door to find the two of them horsing around on the front porch. I think the look of distaste on Nate's face when he shakes Keith's hand here is more attributable to the fact that that hand was just on his brother's ass than anything else.

Later on, the boys are all hanging out by the grill in the back yard. Nate and Keith have a friendly debate over whether the marinade or the mesquite is the key to a successful barbecue, but David tops them both by admitting that he "just [likes] wearing the apron." Hee! Keith excuses himself to go to the "little boys' room," and Lisa politely asks him not to flush the toilet because it might wake up Maya. Hmm. Is it just me, or does Lisa have some serious issues with flushing toilets? I do NOT want to be around when it's time to potty-train Maya. With Keith gone, Lisa turns her attention to David, and asks how things are going with his "choir." "It's not a choir, it's a chorus," he responds. "And it's not a giant chicken. They're just named after one." And while I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who know the difference between a chorus and a choir, I'm not actually one of them, so I'll just throw in a quick "Sing us a song, you're the chorus man," and move on, okay?

The Body Shoppe. Rico sadly slides a wedding ring onto Mr. Milne's corpse (StC = 1,619), and then just stands there, staring at the body. He says, "Milne I believe this is killing me," as the smile runs away from his face. "I'm sure that you could have made Vice-President, if you hadn't ended up in this place."

Back at the barbecue, Lisa is pouring wine (a bottle of red? A bottle of white?) when the sound of a toilet flushing is suddenly heard over the nearby baby monitor. Maya immediately starts bawling, and both Lisa and Nate dash back inside, passing a totally nonchalant Keith as he returns to the table. "What did I miss?" he asks. David berates him for waking the baby, saying "you had to be a big shot and flush the toilet, didn't you?" Keith insists that Maya wasn't asleep, although he does repeatedly call the baby "it," presumably because of Foreshadowing's well-known preference for gender-neutral pronouns. Through the baby monitor, we can hear Lisa complaining that Keith flushed when she told him not to, and Nate points out that he might not have had a choice, because "David said he has that irritable bowel thing." Hee! And also ew! Keith is furious that David is going around telling people about his private colon-related issues, but any further argument is short-circuited by the sound of Nate and Lisa singing "Maya, row your boat ashore" from inside the house. David and Keith laugh, with Keith proclaiming that the song "has never sounded creepier." David pretends to agree, but you can totally tell he wants to be singing to a baby of his own just like that in the very near future.

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