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Oh, my god. The O.C. is doing repeats on Thursday night. I can start watching The O.C. again. Adam Brody, I'm a-comin' home to you. Jewel freaks out and runs out of the big-ass banquet hall. She's sad because Adam is the son of a man who wants to put her father in prison. Yep. Didn't know that yet. Back inside, Mayor Ron Silver takes a call from Right Hand learning that Sydney from Melrose took a donation, which I'm guessing is no good. Dr. Rose tells The PornParents that she'll accept the money, but only if they'll be anonymous donors. She understands that the donation has personal significance, but makes them promise that there will be no publicity, no press release, no name on the building. Nothing. Hearing this, Dr. Rose relents and tells them to come over with a publicist, family, friends, etc. Ooooooh. I get it. She leaves the table, The PornParents sitting alone for the last time. Ron Silver pops a green bean and lets fly: "I kinda like her." Heh. Oh, and "bye." Mayor Ron Silver makes a speech in which he does not endorse Roam: "Vote for your conscience," he tells them. "Vote for the best candidate, but by all means, voten." What's with the "n" at the end? Is that a Latin word? They spill into the hallways afterward, Mayor Ron Silver saying that he could not endorse Roam because he's about to get some bad news. But he strides off without another word, leaving Tom to scream after him, "What do you know that I don't?" Something we shall never know, small fry. Adam and Jewel walk on the roof to look down at the roof where they first met. Well, we've come full circle, haven't we? He tells her again that he loves her, and she tells him that she loves him too, but that she loves her father as well: "Every time I look at you, I see you in jail." She kisses him, cries, and leaves. The PornParents sleep. Roam paces. Jewel lies awake. Adam paces, finally leaving his shirt where it most definitely belongs. Off. Stay tuned for scenes from next week. Yeah. RIGHT.

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