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Yes, Sleepy Hollow is a series about the Headless Horseman and his fellow Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming back from the dead to wreak havoc on Earth, while Ichabod Crane (in modern times) pairs up with Officer Abbie Mills to stop them. But folks -- four ghostly horsemen are simply not enough for a vampy series with any sense of longevity (no offense to these Horsemen), so other evils must arise. Which is likely why the second episode of Fox’s new supernatural drama opens with Ichabod’s nightmare in which his wife Katrina rehashes last week’s dream sequence.

After helping out those people who didn't order last week’s episode On Demand to understand the basic premise of show -- we get it, Ichabod and Abbie are protecting the world from evil -- Katrina gets to the goods. The four Horsemen have names: Conquest, War, Famine and Death -- the John, Paul, George and Ringo of utter despair. Apparently, Death is the one whose head Ichabod severed on the battlefield. However, Death and the rest of the Evil Beatles aren’t able to just enter our universe willy-nilly and wreak havoc on their own; they have to send evil mercenaries in first so they can weaken us and then take their easy kill later on. Did the writers mean to make them look like lazy Disney villains who depend solely on their henchmen in their quest to give us season-upon-season of evil ass-kicking?

Anyway, Mrs. Crane fills them in on the first evil soldier that's coming for them during the Blood Moon. She says "she’s one of us," which Ichabod later realizes to mean that the assailant is a witch, like Katrina. But what he sees at the very end of his dream isn’t very witchy: someone who looks a lot like Mystique from X-Men if she managed to combine her DNA with that of the girl from The Ring taunts him. Fun fact: this is apparently what dead witches from the Revolutionary War look like.

And while Ichabod is dreaming (in the nude, I might add), Abbie finds out that the officers who saw the Headless Horseman recanted their statements because they don’t want to be accused of insanity -- and who can blame them? In this town, any small whiff of crazy gets you thrown into the asylum. What’s more, Abbie’s captain shows her the tape of Officer Andy in his cell: according to the footage, he ran head-first into a mirror and snapped his own neck… even though that could not possibly account for the 45-degree angle between the back of his head and his spine. Of course, Abbie knows there was a horned demon running around that cell, and apparently it can alter security tape footage. Fan-freaking-tastic.

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