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While this walking proof of Ichabod’s crazy dream is sauntering around upstate New York, Abbie is still bitter that this supernatural nonsense is keeping her from her FBI dreams. Ichabod is convinced that her resistance is built on the fact that she hasn’t fully mourned Corbin yet (but also that her professional dreams have been shattered, you mild chauvinist). Ichabod and his apparent superpower for extreme intuition knows that Corbin believed the vision Abbie saw as a young girl was real. Abbie doesn’t deny it, but instead confirms her inability to move past Corbin’s death, because he was such a solid father figure for her in the wake of the visions that sent her sister to the loony bin.

When the police find Firth’s burned car, Abbie finally gets the kick she needs to believe Ichabod: there’s a mark where someone reached into the dead, ashen remains of the driver’s chest. Ichabod saw this on the battlefield during another Blood Moon, where he and his fellow soldiers found bodies burned the same way. George Washington told him (suspend your disbelief, suspend your disbelief, suspend your disbelief) he believed the redcoats were working with a dark coven of witches to defeat the rebels. And ping goes Abbie’s metaphorical light bulb: in Corbin’s records, he wrote about two covens in Sleepy Hollow -- one good and one evil. Next stop: Corbin’s missing files.

But first Luke, Abbie’s very recent ex who broke up with her when she was supposed to leave for the FBI, approaches Ichabod and attempts to poke holes in his new cover story. (See: agitated detective who’s jealous that Abbie’s spending so much time with a tall, dark, and handsome Englishman.) Ichabod’s fake backstory is rather brilliant: he’s an Oxford professor who teaches courses on the American Revolution and he’s on leave. Perfect… unless anyone thinks to call Oxford or, I don’t know, check Google. Nevertheless, here’s our requisite romantic complication, folks. But as cute as he is, Luke does not give off positive, love-riddled vibes.

Luckily, Abbie and Ichabod hop over Luke the Hurdle and Ichabod breaks through a wall to reveal the secret tunnels under the town -- just how many resources did these poor rebel soldiers have? The tunnels not only take them to the super-secret storage room that looks more like something out of Harry Potter than the municipal system, they spy stockpiles of witch bones and old timey ammunition on the way -- and yes, the Chekov’s gun rule applies to bones and boxes of 200 year-old dynamite too. This is where something big is going down.

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