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But first, the tunnel leads them to Corbin’s files. They finally find the right piece of Corbin’s research, an old book written in Greek, which we’re told is the language of the gypsies. Ichabod takes this moment to explain that he speaks Greek (huzzah!) and is probably a trove of other useful knowledge because he has a photographic memory (make way for mounds of inexplicable knowledge at the drop of hat, trusty viewers!). The book explains that there is a witch named Cerilda who was weakened by the good coven with their white magic, making her vulnerable to mortal attack. The townspeople caught her and when she was about to burn, she vowed that she would live again and the ashes of their ancestors will be hers. Quick deduction determines that Jeremy Firth, who was burned in his car while listening to Frank Sinatra, was a descendant of the man who sentenced Cerilda to burn and that his only other living ancestors are members of the Hemington family.

Unfortunately, Andy has already marked the Hemington’s sweet little son for Cerilda, who moves in on them in the dead of night. Just as Cerilda is about to kill little Kyle, Abbie and Ichabod come rushing in, but Cerilda still manages to get away with something: the ashes of Kyle’s father. It turns out that Kyle was adopted, so she’s actually succeeded because Mr. Hemington was the last of Firth’s ancestors. Drat.

Moving just a little too slowly, Abbie and Ichabod realize that Cerilda also needs her bones from the secret tunnel network in order to become whole. When they get arrive underground, Cerilda and Andy have already retrieved the bones and Ichabod comes upon her just as she finishes her ritual, turning her from a blue, ashen demon to a hot, Victoria’s Secret model who looks more like a castaway than a witch.

Ichabod is luckily smart enough to know that bullets aren’t going to stop the sexy witch (unlike Abbie, who deems this a good time to chastise him for not understanding the modern automatic weapon), and they run to the stockpile of old timey ammunition so they can ignite it and burn Cerilda. But before they can get her, they need to hear her message: in Greek, she explains that Katrina is the one who bound her and that Katrina is stuck in the world between worlds. (Side note: I know they’re pretty, but can we please get some legible subtitles that don’t look like the names stamped on a Halloween gravestone from Target?) Pleased with this information, Abbie and Ichabod run, duck and throw torches at the ammunition, which doesn’t light at first (for no other reason than dramatic effect) and then explodes like the innards of the Death Star, managing to somehow spare our heroes from becoming extra crispy supernatural detectives.

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