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Woo Hoo Witchy Woman

Despite almost dying at the hands of a witch who said she could "smell Katrina’s stench" on his heart, Ichabod takes from all that nonsense that he should clearly seek out the world between worlds so he can save his witch wife, but all Abbie wants is for everything to go back to normal. And since that would render this show about as thrilling as watching Abbie filling out police paper work, she then dreams that she’s speaking to Corbin in his office, demanding that if he haunts her, he has to be helpful. Oh good, that’s just what a girl who thinks she might be crazy needs: a ghostly guardian angel. His first drop of hallowed wisdom: he tells her that fear always crippled her and that she shouldn’t be afraid of number 49 because "that’s where you’ll find you’re not alone."

Cut back to that dreaded asylum, where Room 49 holds Abbie’s mentally ill sister, Jenny. The younger Mills sibling does not seem to be drinking the asylum Kool-Aid (or taking the pills), and instead is working out like a prison inmate. Now, I know she’s supposed to be Abbie’s helping hand according to Corbin’s ghost, but am I the only one who thinks there’s something sinister about her? After all, if she were good, she’d threaten Ichabod’s role as Abbie’s right-hand man and we certainly can’t have that.

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