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For the Triumph of Evil

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Mr. Sandman, Skip the Dreams and Grow a Pair

Ichabod tries to find common ground with Jenni, telling her that he also saw the demon in the woods. Seriously, dude? You’re in a mental hospital in 1700s garb, keep the crazy-sounding talk in your pants unless you want to end up back in a straightjacket. Jenni echoes my sentiment, before erupting in some extremely cryptic babble. Ichabod tells her that Dr. Vega killed herself and it simply urges Jenni to ask him to leave, refuse to help him and Abbie, tell him "It’s all over but the crying," and say that Abbie’s conscience isn’t clear. Look, I know that the white demon dude is the real issue, but if this episode hadn’t already spilled those beans, I’d swear Abbie’s demonic sister was responsible for these mysterious happenings.

Naturally, this nonsense talk sends Ichabod right back to Abbie and he demands that she explain what happened between her and her sister. She says she never told anyone what happened (which is probably why she made up some lame story about Abbie being institutionalized for ripping off a Sports Authority). But as it turns out, her sister was institutionalized because right after she and Abbie saw the demon in the forest, Abbie lied about it. While Jenni was raving about seeing a horned vision, Abbie stayed mum, thinking it was more important to remain quiet and keep her foster family situation than rock the boat and risk being thrown in the looney bin with her sister. Apparently, our heroine used to be a selfish little child. Kind of makes it hard to hope things work out for her, eh?

Theorizing that the dream demon might be coming after folks who knew about the visions Abbie and Jenni had in the forest, our dynamic duo decide to visit Mr. Gillespie, who also saw the horned tormentor but refused to tell anyone. Unfortunately for Abbie and especially unfortunately for Mr. Gillespie, the dream demon beats them to him (duh) and Gillespie has gone all white-eyed by the time Ichabod and Abbie arrive with the rest of the police force. Once again, the white-eyed wonder wants to speak to Abbie. She finds him in the kitchen, holding his wife hostage with a gun. Before Gillespie takes his own life (because, hello, there’s a pattern developing) he screams, "You can’t help me, he’s coming for you next … the sandman, next time you fall asleep, you’re dead."

Once again, Ichabod and Abbie have a round-about conversation that leads them to rather obvious conclusion: the sandman Gillespie spoke of is the sandy demon from Abbie’s dream and clearly, Abbie is his next victim because she was the final person who betrayed Jenni. And just like that sleep is the enemy and Red Bull is Abbie’s only friend. Because he’s adorable, Ichabod chokes down a Red Bull too so he can stay awake with Abbie, remarking that it’s "potent" and it's a sentiment I can’t help but echo. Now that they’re perfectly wired, they’re ready to get down to business. Ichabod perfectly describes Abbie’s sandman without a word from her because he’s working with that incomparable photographic memory of his.

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Sleepy Hollow




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