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For the Triumph of Evil

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Mr. Sandman, Skip the Dreams and Grow a Pair

This wimpy villain ups his game with Ichabod, severing his dream arm and turning it into sand. Abbie is forced to step in before the sandman turns dear Ichabod into a sand castle, and rather than, I don’t know, attacking him, she stands her ground like a Lost Boy ready to crow and confesses her sins. (You know, those sins she already confessed to earlier in the episode?). Yeah, we get it, you screwed your sister over. Apparently, this works on the sandman, who is being a really terrible villain, by the way. He turns to glass and Abbie simply shatters him with a chair. Wow, that was ridiculously easy and totally unsatisfying. How about we give these guys a villain that’s scary enough to warrant even an ounce of heart palpitation? We can’t let the biggest challenge for the series be "making Abbie understand that supernatural things are real."

With that, they’re safe and sound and back to having little heart-to-hearts in the old munitions warehouse (which Irving has just deemed their covert ops office). With a can of disgusting Red Bull nowhere in sight, Ichabod surmises that Abbie wants to thank him for his help, so she never actually utters the two tiny words herself. Still, these two are pretty cute partners, so I’ll lay off their foibles for now.

But this is a dastardly drama, so the episode can’t end on that sugary-sweet moment. Now that she’s admitted she was wrong to the sandman, Abbie assumes she’s in the clear to go visit Jenni. This time, she’s prepared to resist her sister’s protestations (and use her police badge to force her way in). Only, when the nurse opens the door to Jenni’s cell, the younger Mills sister is gone without a trace. Abbie surmises that she escaped through the ceiling. Now, I know Jenni was wronged by Abbie and all, but between the musical cues, Jenni’s sinister attitude, and her nonsense speak earlier in the episode, I can’t be the only one who thinks this girl is trouble with a capital T. Beware of the sister you screwed over, Ms. Abbie.

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