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Suddenly, Abbie loses her cell signal (haunted house: 0, Sleepy Hollow’s underground tunnels: 1,000) and the doors begin closing on their own, trapping them inside. To add to the mounting claustrophobia of the episode, Abbie then sees a ghost and loses her mind a little. Apparently she can handle a headless horseman, a pool of blood and demons, and severed heads carved out like jack-o-lanterns, but ghosts are where she draws the line.

Luckily, Ichabod distracts her when he finds a copy of Gulliver’s Travels that belonged to Katrina. It contains a letter he asked Washington’s aide to give her should he die in battle. There’s a little Duh moment here – Lena did have Katrina’s name in her notes – but at least Ichabod knows he was right about the connection. He notes that once upon a time, this house was warm and inviting. In his memory we see a smiling Lachlan and the mistress of the house, Grace Dixon, a former slave. Ichabod assumes that Lachlan’s uncommon humanity earned him many enemies and that the issue may continue to haunt his descendants, i.e. Lena. Wrong, but you're getting warmer, Ichabod. Much warmer.

Finally, they find Lena in the closet and they cut her out the branches that bind her, only to find that this tree bleeds like a severed limb in a 1970s horror movie. Outside, a tree creature that senses the cuts and springs to life as the trio wastes time filling everyone in on their family histories instead of, oh I don’t know, escaping the horrible tree monster headed their way.

At that same moment, Irving is just a ball of sunshine. Or he’s back to being the textbook grumpy police captain. Yep, that sounds right. He assumes that Abbie is ignoring his calls (she’s only involved in a dangerous supernatural mission and lack of communication probably signals trouble, but okay, Irving), but he’s really upset with Jenny, who "accidentally" took a gun after their trial mission at the power plant. She manages to curb all his anger by inviting him over for Thanksgiving with Ichabod and Abbie, just as he’s about on his last nerve. He suddenly softens and gets excited about pie with a glint in his eye. Oh, you betcha there’s suddenly a romantic connection here. It’s kind of out of left field and there was no previous indication of any of this, but hey, it has to start somewhere, right? For the moment, however, a visit from his ex-wife snaps him out of it.

Back in the hell house, Lena tells Ichabod that her ancestors were likely witches and he adds that Lachlan and Katrina were likely part of the same coven. While trying to get to the bottom of this mysterious house issue, they realize that the creature has infested the house (no, really?) and they should probably try to escape. They find a secret passage in the walls, but lose Abbie and must continue on when the tree-meister rears his ugly head. (Or is that a branch? Nubbin?).

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Sleepy Hollow




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