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At the precinct, Irving’s daughter Macy confronts Jenny about "dating" her dad. So that’s definitely going to be a thing then, isn’t it, Sleepy Hollow? The two of them bond over having cops as family members, but Macy is pretty hard on her father, who she’s happy doesn’t see her that often. At the same time, Irving’s ex-wife gives him the green light to date (also known as complete apathy) and then says that he needs to have Macy visit more or she’ll file paperwork for full custody. He’s a little stuck because of all that supernatural mayhem he wants to protect Macy from, but he might lose his daughter altogether if he doesn’t comply. This sounds like perfect set-up for one or two things: Jenny comforting Irving over losing his daughter, Jenny helping Irving take care of his daughter when she inevitably comes to visit more often (forging a connection with the girl and Irving), or this is just a glimpse into his life and now it’s back to the background with him. Let’s hope that last one remains a joke and not a reality. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, Abbie is lost and yelling for Ichabod while a monster comes after her, because she is so wise sometimes. Luckily, she finds a thin wall to break through and escapes only to find the ghost of Grace Dixon, the one who scared her earlier. Grace begs for her to follow and that’s when Abbie sees a vision of Katrina giving birth to a child in the wake of Ichabod’s "death." As she pushes, ravens tap aggressively at the window, which means something awful is trying to get in. Spoiler: it’s the tree thing. Abbie realizes that she now has to tell Ichabod that he’s lost one more family member – something that he might not be able to handle in his state.

But Ichabod finds her and he’s lost Lena. She has no choice but to tell him what she saw; after all, they are in a giant, living riddle and every detail helps. At first Ichabod doesn’t believe that Katrina could have been pregnant without telling him, but Abbie says maybe she had to keep it secret (she kept the witch thing a secret) and that she wanted to have the baby somewhere were a hex would protect her, like Lachlan’s house. Of course, it is biologically possible that the baby was conceived right before Ichabod was slain in battle and that Katrina just didn’t have time to tell him, but yeah, go with that, Abs.

Ichabod demands to know what else Abbie saw. She says the creature seemed to be sent by Moloch and that it got past the hex by growing inside the property line, like a tree. Abbie saw the creature kill Lachlan, but the vision conveniently cut out before she (or we) could find out if Ichabod’s son lived.

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