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But they’ve got bigger issues to worry about. The tree creature has Lena, and once they locate the reluctant duo, they can’t see well enough in the dark to shoot at the creature and free her. They begin shoot the roots, which hurts the creature enough to free Lena while Abbie has another vision. She sees Grace Dixon leading Katrina and the baby out of a secret exit and has Lena and Ichabod follow suit.

Whew, right? Nope. Ichabod goes back in because of that thing that came after his son. The attempt was enough, plus he doesn’t know that Abbie just saw the baby get out safely. Ichabod has learned enough about modern marvels to know that bringing a flare to throw down will help him see the tree creature in the windowless room. (A gold star for Ichabod!) Then he gets down to business: slaying the creature who tormented the family he misses so dearly. Ichabod’s got cuts and bruises, he’s wearing a billowy shirt, he’s wielding an ax in a reddish room, and he’s a beloved literary character with a British accent. It’s like they churned this guy out of the fetish machine. (Not complaining.) He kills the creature and then returns to Abbie despondent, saying nothing but "I should like to go home now" as ravens overtake Fredericks Manor.

Despite the victory, the encounter is enough to keep Ichabod in his terrible mood. Not only does he not have Katrina, he’s also missing the son he always dreamed he’d have. To cheer him up, Abbie offers up an invitation to Jenny’s Thanksgiving (her invitation looks a lot like a bottle of rum though). He says he’d be terrible company, but she understands. She’s been alone for most of her life, and here’s where this show transcends its premise: Abbie gives a little speech about Thanksgiving being tough because we’re always reaching for this picture-perfect ideal. She wanted the perfect nuclear family Thanksgiving as a kid, and Ichabod laments the way in which he longed for a son to bond with him the way he bonded with his father. It’s so touching it almost hurts.

That’s when Abbie says the absolute perfect thing: the holiday is about embracing what they’ve got in each other, and appreciating what’s good about it. And while these two certainly don’t need proof that they’re practically family (in an emotional sense, anyway), a package from Lena arrives. It’s a family tree that connects Grace Dixon to Abbie’s mother, meaning that Abbie is a direct descendant of the woman who saved Ichabod’s son. As it turns out, they’ve been unofficial family since before Abbie’s time. They cheers to that, and while evil is crashing down all around them, it’s the perfect note to end on while the series takes a small break for Thanksgiving.

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