The Legend Continues

by Angel Cohn September 17, 2013
Sleepy Hollow: Pilot Review

She starts calling in that there's an officer down, and John Cho gets the call. But he's stopped in the middle of town when he almost hits a bedraggled Ichabod. He presumes that this sexily dressed homeless man is somehow involved in the stable incident, and cuffs him. When Abbie arrives at the station, she immediately informs John Cho that the suspect in custody HAS a head, so simply cannot be the sheriff slayer. Ichabod hears the description that Abbie gives, of the marking on his hand and his outfit, and asks if he's carrying a broad axe. He thinks it's impossible, as the last time he saw the Bane-doppelganger, Ichabod was personally slicing and dicing his head.

She wonders who Ichabod is, and then we see a lot of footage of Ichabod being videotaped, and him questioning the polygraph test. He delivers his biography, about how he worked as a professor of History at Oxford, but was enlisted to come stateside to fight for the Queen's army. There isn't a blip on the polygraph test. He admits to defecting, and he became a spy under George Washington. Orlando Jones is there chuckling at this tale. After Ichabod cut off the head of the horseman, he was taken to triage where he saw his wife Katrina who was a civilian nurse. He lost consciousness and woke up in the cave. When he's done with his history, he starts demanding answers about where he is and the detective simply informs him that when is the bigger question, since his side won the war, but it was 250 years prior. He shows him money as proof.

Captain Orlando Jones (who goes by the name Frank Irving, perhaps in a nod to Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washington Irving) wants Crane to be taken for a psych hold. Abbie overhears this and runs after the Captain, in order to interrogate the suspect before he's taken away. She's denied as he doesn't think she really wants to go on record as talking about a headless murderer. But she starts throwing out facts about how the blade would have been heated, because the guillotine style deaths were all tidy with little blood, but there was no sign of a fire source. She thinks that Crane might have some clue. He gives her permission to transport him to the hospital, with instruction that she limit her questions to the car ride.

She goes into the jail to see Ichabod, and he makes comments about her being a woman, and about her being black and then of course comments about slavery. She wonders if he is going to break character. As she explains that she has a gun and will use it, he insists that he was a supporter of the abolitionist movement. He tries to bond with her about their sightings of impossible things. But she's really in no mood to admit that there might be a headless killer. Why not? Is the story of Sleepy Hollow not available in this town? Have they never heard about Ichabod Crane? Wouldn't that name and the horseman's arrival at least make you think there was a copycat killer of sorts on the loose?

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