The Legend Continues

by Angel Cohn September 17, 2013
Sleepy Hollow: Pilot Review

She goes traipsing off into the cemetery where Ichabod is walking around. He says that a bird led her to a specific grave, and you'll be shocked to know that it is the headstone of his wife Katrina… who was burned for witchcraft. He wants to know what additional proof she really needs. She then mentions that she's got one more week on the force, but he says that she can't because their fates are now entwined. She says that she's not going to be arguing an unexplained case… again. He picks up on that clue, but she refuses to give him details.

She takes him to his private room at the psych ward, and he jokes that it is a step up from the cave… which is true. He seems overwhelmed and depressed, so she decides to spill her story. In high school, she was with her sister in the forest and they saw four white trees that seemed suspicious. They heard a strange voice and then they blacked out. Later they were found on the side of the road and everyone thought they were crazy. Her sister is now in and out of psych wards. She wants to believe him, because she knows what it's like to be called nuts. Before she leaves, he expresses her condolences for the loss of her partner.

She goes to the Sheriff's office, and starts looking at pictures. She finds a key and tries a bunch of locks before finding the right one. It's a locked cabinet with a bunch of case files and a tape recorder. It's a lot about the occult and witches that seem to be so popular in Sleepy Hollow, and causing all of the unsolved cases. He's trying to figure out the connection between them and the cases up and down the east coast. There's information and a clipping about Abbie's case, and a tale of a farmer from many years prior. The farmer said the trees were the four horsemen and talked about a demon. Sheriff Clancy, who is at least present in voice, if not actual physicality, admits that he wants to tell Abbie but he's waiting to figure it out. She's interrupted by the Captain, who wants to know why she's in the Sheriff's office, and she says she's looking through old files to see if anything relates and he instructs her to let them do their job. But isn't she one of them? And wasn't she called to the church for the reverend and filled in on what was happening? Isn't she doing exactly what she's supposed to be doing? Then again, she does seem to have stolen a few files and tucked them in her back.

Ichabod's in the hospital and the bird is in the room. He looks in the mirror and sees Katrina. She explains that the bird is her way of leading Ichabod around. She says that her body wasn't buried in the grave he saw, but that's where the horseman's skull is hidden. She says that when Ichabod and the horsemen collapsed due to their injuries, their blood intertwined on the ground and they became linked, through some sort of supernatural STD. The only way to stop the horsemen was to cast a spell on them both and buried Ichabod in the cave and the horsemen in a coffin in the river. There's an evil force that woke the horseman, and is keeping Katrina trapped in this foggy tree world where she can only travel as a bird. She says that the horseman needs his skull to be reborn, and that he can only ride at night, and that Ichabod needs the bible to get the answers. Katrina yells at him to wake up, before a demon looking creature grabs him.

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