The Legend Continues

by Angel Cohn September 17, 2013
Sleepy Hollow: Pilot Review

Back in his hospital room he's thrashing around and a doctor is trying to have him sedated. Abbie walks in and says she's taking him into custody. He says that he knows what the horseman is after. Also, aside from the high boots, his clothes look very modern. His shirt has a lovely slim cut and looks like maybe it is Hugo Boss or something, and his dark coat doesn't look particularly period either. Not that I really wanted to spend all season looking at him in dirty clothes, but did someone give him a fresh change of clothing, and was he never forced into a hospital gown or anything like that? If so, are prisoners given a selection of wool coats and designer clothing to wear? Because being incarcerated in Sleepy Hollow seems a hell of a lot nicer than it does on Orange Is the New Black.

Abbie and Ichabod are in the car talking about the Sheriff's tapes and his "meeting" with Katrina and what they've learned in the last random handful of hours (it is really difficult to tell how much time has passed on this show, it could be hours, it could be a full day). The horseman rises up out of the river, and the red-eyed horse is waiting for him. Abbie calls John Cho, who doesn't seem pleased that she wants him to call all units to the church. He says he just worked 36 hours and is just getting home. How many people are on this police force? Sometimes it seems like a mom and pop small-town operation and other times I feel like I'm watching Law & Order and the staff is endless. John Cho gets to his apartment, and the door has been forced open. He approaches cautiously and sees that his safe is ajar as well. He turns his back, and then the horseman pops up from behind the chair. To save his life, he says that he knows where "it" is.

But Abbie and Ichabod are at the church taking "it" out of the ground, which makes it mighty convenient for the horseman. If they had just left it buried, he might have at least had to work to figure out which grave it was hidden in. The horseman arrives and starts shooting at them. He tries to shoot Ichabod, but Abbie shoots at him and at least distracts him for a moment. John Cho arrives on the scene, she asks him for a rifle from his trunk (guess he doesn't keep them in the center of his car all Southland style), he opens the trunk, lies that he called in the case and then hits her over the head.

Meanwhile, Ichabod and Abbie are fist-fighting, which seems like the least effective method of killing each other. John Cho says that he warned Abbie to stay away from Ichabod, and now I'm confused. Why did the horseman arrive at John Cho's apartment? What did he have to do with anything? Did he know about the horseman before the breaking and entering incident? Is he on the side of the demon apocalypse supporters? Anyway, she bites his fingers and then makes him handcuff himself to the door… instead of doing it. I don't get the impression that Abbie's going to be a very good FBI agent. John Cho goes on that she can't kill the horseman because he is Death.

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