The Legend Continues

by Angel Cohn September 17, 2013
Sleepy Hollow: Pilot Review

Two more cops show up to provide some ridiculous comic relief, of sorts. They see the horseman in the street and tell him to put his hands on his head. Then one guy wonders if the horseman can hear them. Yup. Real laugh riot. The sun is starting to rise, so the horseman takes the automatic weapon and starts littering the area with bullets. So now the horseman has a high-powered modern weapon at his disposal? That seems really great. The two guys are alive, the horseman takes off because he can't be out in the light (he needs one of those Vampire Diaries daytime rings) and Ichabod has the head.

The Captain wants to throw Abbie in jail, but John Cho confessed, he's seen the head and there are two cops that back up her story. She doesn't have the answers that he wants, but she admits that she's not going to Quantico. Ichabod says that Katrina referred to him as the first witness, but the Bible he's been pouring over says that the book refers to two witnesses who are bound together for seven years to protect the world. Seven years? Well, that's kind of lofty hoping that this show will run for that long. They go to question John Cho, who's sitting there stewing, but before they can get there, a shadowy demon comes in, tells him he's failed (so obviously he's been working with the dark side for quite some time) and then seemingly kills him. Abbie and Ichabod arrive just in time to see the demon escaping in the mirror.

And that's it. Again, not sure about how this show will last and it seems like it could become a murder of the week sort of thing (with the same murderer every time). Then again, we weren't sure how the occult-y Supernatural would last and that seems to be the show that won't ever die, so there is a chance that this show could last forever.

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