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How to Dig Up a Dead President
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As Sleepy Hollow barrels towards its conclusion, Abbie and Ichabod are again confronted with the possibility that Ichabod will betray his partner in evil ass-kicking and this time, Abbie's the one who gets the warning.

We open on Abbie's apartment—apparently she does actually have one and vegetables exist there—where she's cooking and leaving the most Ichabod voicemail she can possibly muster. He texts her back with an autocorrect flub fit for a Buzzfeed listicle (how topical! LOL! Sideways man's face!) and all that mirth comes crashing down when she realizes that Andy Brooks has found his way into her humble abode.

Of course, Brooks is never just there to do Moloch's bidding. His messages are always tinged with his undying love for Abbie and so he tells her why Moloch is after Washington's Bible—the artifact Ichabod is presently pouring over in their secret hideout—but rather the map that the bible serves as a map towards. Hey, redundancy. Sitting cuffed to the radiator, Brooks tries desperately to convince Abbie that if she gets him the bible she'll have a seat in the new order. He fails to mention the part where the new order means the destruction of civilization, so Abbie says no dice. His last ditch effort is to bring up the prophecy once more: Ichabod will betray her (and oh, by the way, no one will ever love her like Brooks does, he adds). Clearly rattled, Abbie stupidly turns her back to call Ichabod. The part where undead Brooks has jelly bones comes in handy and he escapes the handcuffs while she's talking to Ichabod's voicemail.

With no Brooks and Ichabod's inability to answer phone calls, Abbie heads to their secret lair where Ichabod is pouring over Washington's bible, trying to understand his meaning. He remembers back to a meeting with Washington when he said "Good will always rise like Lazarus." Clearly, he wants Ichabod to check out the Lazarus portion of the bible.

By the time Abbie gets there, Ichabod first manages to blame his phone for his inability to answer her calls (see: the trick played by every spoiled teenager the world over) and demands a new one. She offers to switch temporarily so that Ichabod can attempt impossible conversation with a Siri clone. But then, they get to the real reason for her visit: Brooks said Ichabod would betray her and he knew everything about her early family life. She swears her fear surrounding the encounter is Brooks' level of knowledge, but it's clear she's starting to worry about her fellow Witness.

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