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How to Dig Up a Dead President

With Ichabod's new Lazaraus discovery, they flip to that section of the bible and douse it in more secret ink elixir to reveal yet another message from George Washington. As it turns out, Washington did write "December 18" on December 18, four days after his death because he was brought back to life that day (let's spare ourselves the complicated, witchy details of how) to fulfill a mission to draft a map from the world of the living to purgatory. This piques Ichabod's interest because as it just so happens, the wife he's been trying to retrieve all season is in purgatory. Now isn't that swell and totally uncomplicated?

Nope. It's actually sort of complicated. Abbie fears that Katrina's fate will cloud his judgment and cause him to betray her, but he swears it's not possible and warns her not to let her fear of his betrayal cloud her judgment. After their clarity pact, they realize that the reverend/ warlock who died in episode one was present at Washington's resurrection. Through a speedy "logical" puzzle, they realize that his beads were part of the resurrection and that to perform such a dark art, the beads must be full of sin. Naturally, they'll need their handy sin eater to pull all that darkness out and tell them whatever random information they seek so that they can find the map. So basically, it's a totally fool proof plan.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing at the station and under the station. Irving is being interrogated by his superiors about the deaths of Morales and his priest, and he can't give them answers because most cops don't take "a demon did it" as a valid confession. Irving simply tells his boss the culprit was "evil," but he's looking rather trapped.

In the tunnels, Brooks is prepared to turn fully against Abbie now that she rejected his help. He bags to be made Moloch's weapon and apparently the answer is a swarm of flying creatures not seen in nature picking him and spinning him into a cocoon so that later, he can emerge a slimy, angry, naked conehead with a mission.

In the park, Abbie and Ichabod meet Henry Parish so that they can dig up the reverend and steal his beads. Unfortunately, the beads are rather resistant to Henry's touch and they burn his hand while Henry notes that the beads were clearly used for something unnatural—yeah, resurrecting a dead president is pretty unnatural. Abbie is convinced the beads are fighting them for good reason and begs Henry to stop, but he says that this is a way and that it clearly can't be easy to gain secrets on the other side. He reaches back in for another burn and this time holds on until it expels him and almost kills him. Unfortunately, he barely saw anything Ichabod didn't already know, except that after Washington returned, the reverend can be seen on a boat heading down a river.

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