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The Lesser Key of Solomon

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Evil Now Has a Face… Sort Of
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Finally, we're getting somewhere. But before delving right back into the hellfire, brimstone, and blood-curdling hands-on torture rampant in this episode, Sleepy Hollow gives us a brief moment of levity. We find Ichabod sitting in Abbie's car, calling talking to his weeping Northstar operator Yolanda, about the melodic and heartbreaking story of his love for his missing wife Katrina. Can you blame an unsuspecting woman for falling prey to his lyrical storytelling? Nope. Not a bit.

But that moment quickly disappears when Abbie comes out of the asylum to inform Ichabod that Jenny escaped. We're hitting the ground running and with this show, that means some of us are about to be out of breath. Irving immediately blames Jenny's escape on Ichabod – oh yeah, blame the handsome time traveler for everything, he only told her about the Sleepy Hollow murders and suggested she might be connected enough to help solve them. Oh, right. Understandable enough. Still, Abbie has a hunch that Jenny's escape is related to the murders; Irving doesn't buy it, but he gives her 12 hours because even he knows he doesn't really understand what's going on.

It's not long before we learn what Jenny's escape is really about: she heads to a Sleepy Hollow dive bar where she retrieves a duffle bag full of weapons and newspaper clippings about Abbie that he's been storing for her. Unfortunately for Jenny's friend the bartender, the local German piano teacher is getting creepy calls from electronically-altered voices telling him to go after Jenny's known associates to find her before she gets her hands on something he refers to as "Item 37." Though the name suggests it's merely one in a string of items, it's apparently important enough to send Mr. Piano to the Sleepy Hollow dive bar where he tortures and beheads the bartender with a James Bond-level torture kit in order to figure out where Jenny is heading.

Abbie and Ichabod take a less violent approach to finding Jenny, tracking down one of her seven foster parents and pumping her for info. It's made a little easier by the fact that this particular foster parent fulfills the stereotypical deadbeat role. The woman's most recent ward is sleeping on the floor and suffering from malnutrition, and Abbie uses that knowledge to force the woman to divulge information. Luckily, Abbie's a good cop, so even after the woman tells Abbie and Ichabod to go to a cabin in the woods, Abbie says she's going to call child services on her. And thank God for that. If she's going to be the woman who abandoned her sister, she can't also be the woman who abandoned another helpless child in the care of some dastardly care-provider.

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