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The Lesser Key of Solomon

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Evil Now Has a Face… Sort Of

While they make their way to Jenny, her bartender friend is discovered by Irving and Co., who determine that the beheading is separate from the cauterized beheadings of the previous weeks. If only they knew how incredibly wrong they were – of course, since they're on the realistic side of the law enforcement world, they'd be nuts to draw any other inclusion. They decide that it's clearly a team doing the torturing, so it's best to keep the discovery under wraps until they know more – but why just this one? Irving, you know something bigger is going on. Get off your stubborn horse and admit it.

Ichabod and Abbie arrive the decrepit cabin Jenny's foster mom tipped them off to, where Abbie immediately begins breaking in, because I guess she's related to her criminal record-heavy little sister after all. It turns out it's Sheriff Corbin's house and Jenny is already there because she was working with Corbin as a freedom fighter, helping people across the world and retrieving artifacts like lady Indiana Jones. Immediately, the bickering begins – something we're forced to get used to rather quickly this week – and Ichabod has use his prominent voice to tell them what giant babies they're being.

That works long enough to get Jenny to tell her sister and Ichabod why she escaped to visit Corbin's cabin: When they worked together, he knew he was headed for a gruesome death and as such, he told Jenny to return to his house to retrieve a sextant. When Jenny finds it immediately – I suppose it would make sense that the Sheriff would have run a tidy house, but thar be villains about, dude.

They examine the item and Ichabod recognizes the markings: they match those on a chest he and the Rebels found on a Redcoat ship during the Revolution. The contents of the chest were said to be able to turn the tides of war, and Ichabod was sent to steal it, only he was the only survivor of the attack and immediately ended up sending the box off to Washington without ever opening it. He also says that while he stole the chest, his friend Samuel Adams (yeah, that Sam Adams) led the Boston Tea Party as a mere distraction. Who cares about taxation without representation, find me a chest with a cool drawing on it! We do get one last swift clue though: the box was stolen by his regiment, the 37th regiment to be exact. The box is Item 37 and wouldn't you know it, the sextant actually holds a treasure map of Sleepy Hollow dictating the final resting place of that very spooky and powerful chest. This revelation also means the Piano teacher and his thugs can only be moments away from attacking our heroes.

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