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The Midnight Ride

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Paul Revere Was a Terrible Dentist

For some reason, Abbie sees fit to teach Ichabod computer skills via trial by fire. After opening and closing the window containing the manuscript about a thousand times, and printing it five times to preserve the disappearing image (so he gets wireless communication with the printer, but not the concept of a touch-pad mouse?), he realizes they need the code word to decipher the text. Unfortunately, he’s got no Masons to help him find it. While he tries to guess the word, Abbie steps outside to cancel on Luke, who’s already been turned off thanks to zombie Brooks.

Right on cue, Brooks appears as Abbie’s making yet another impossible underground cell phone call to tell her that he’s trying to protect her and that he just wants "it" to end. His peace offering is the knowledge that the Horseman cannot be killed, but he can be trapped. Brooks just has no idea how to do the actual trapping. Just then, Ichabod steps out into the tunnel to reveal that after his unfortunate encounter with a "Hot Chix" video chat, he’s decoded the manuscript and he knows how to trap the Horseman. They ask Brooks to use his connection with the Horseman to set up a meeting time for he and Ichabod and then send him on his merry undead way, leaving us confused as to how we’re supposed to feel about the guy who can’t keep his neck or jaw on straight.

Back when he was left alone, Ichabod noticed a glint escaping from the Horseman’s skull. It appears that Paul Revere, who was not a dentist at all, did cover the backs of the Horseman’s teeth with silver and the manuscript’s code word: Cicero. (See? A terrible dentist, but a good silversmith and secret-keeper). With that knowledge, Ichabod uncovered the plan to kill the Horseman: he must be trapped in sunlight. There’s just one small problem: they need a witch and Katrina is still trapped between worlds. Abbie suggests that they use modern witchcraft, also known as the U.V. lights used in tanning beds. That way, they can create the sun without having to knock down doors looking for Wiccans in Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod is confused, but down as long as it doesn’t include the "nin-nin-net." (To his credit, I think I might start calling it that).

Abbie and Ichabod enlist their new buddy Irving’s help to set a trap to lure the Horseman into the tunnels where Ichabod says a supernatural jail cell built by Thomas Jefferson should contain the bastard. As they chip away at their hours of busy work, Abbie and Irving blow Ichabod’s mind by telling him about Jefferson’s affair with Sally Hemmings, and it’s only when they show Ichabod that Jefferson stole "his" quote about reading newspapers that he believes them.

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