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Paul Revere Was a Terrible Dentist

By then, it’s time to wait for sundown while Ichabod questions Abbie about Luke. She rightly notes that it will always be impossible for them to date because it’s now her job to fight the secret good fight. Ichabod makes a fair point – his relationship with Katrina threatened their missions too, but they did it anyway. Still, it seems that Abbie and Luke were more companions of convenience than star-crossed lovers -- he did drop her like a hot stone once he heard about what she was getting herself into.

Finally, the sun goes down and Ichabod entices the Horseman into his own midnight ride through the cemetery to one of the entrances to the tunnels. Once inside, they disorient the -- again, headless and eyeless -- Horseman by waving decoy skulls at him from numerous directions until he realizes that Abbie’s has the glint of sliver behind the teeth. (How he saw this is news to me because I can’t say it enough: the man has no eyes). Still, he chases Abbie into a circular chamber, where she’s falls and stupidly screams for Ichabod to come save her and her broken ankle. Just as the Horseman is about to behead her, it turns out she’s faking; she says the magic word (in this context, "now" is magic) and Irving turns on the U.V. lights, incapacitating the Horseman so Ichabod can shackle him thoroughly.

And now that our hearts are racing like two horses through a haunted cemetery, Sleepy Hollow leaves us breathless and with so many questions. Will the town notice the spike in its electric bill? What will our heroes do now that Death is captured? Can you interrogate a man with no head? Can they please tell us where is eyes are? Unfortunately, the answers to some (or none) of those questions will have to wait until next week, because that’s all they wrote, folks.

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