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Sister, Sister
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Despite Moloch’s threats at the end of the last episode of Sleepy Hollow, Abbie’s soul is still intact when we find ourselves back in the small town horror story. In fact, she’s feeling well enough to hold Ichabod to his New Year’s resolution she chose for him, which apparently involves wearing skinny jeans -- Ichabod’s least favorite "sign of the impending apocalypse." And while Abbie’s safe despite Moloch instilling fear in Ichabod that he’s "never known," Irving’s daughter Macy is in grave danger.

At the station, Irving is watching interview tapes of the hot chocolate salesman who threatened his daughter. The man has no knowledge of the incident because he was possessed by a demon who jumped bodies immediately after the incident with the captain. Because Irving is so determined, Devon and Morales offer to bring in the woman they saw the man bump into in the impossibly crisp park surveillance video. I’m sorry, but what sort of public park has its own video surveillance? Anyway, they pull in the second possessed person, only to have her transfer the demon to one of Irving’s officers' moments before her interview.

The officer calls Irving almost immediately from a phone in the station and threatens to harm Macy unless Irving gets him the Bible of George Washington. Naturally, the demon also reiterates this demand with CGI blood from the 90s on the department ceiling, as you do. But because Irving has been around the block a few times, so he skedaddles into the main room, where he figures out that, duh, the guy with the evil glare is the one calling him. He tackles the cop, but not before the demon hops to another host: Irving’s buddy Devon. Irving misses this and winds up practically struggling an innocent, no longer possessed man.

Armed with reignited anger, Irving calls up his pastor friend who basically says, "Yeah, that thing that looks like demon possession is probably demon possession." For his next trick, Irving decides to defy the demon and instead seek anti-demon magic through the coveted Bible. He’s not brave enough to risk a migraine figuring it out though, so he has Ichabod and Abbie do it for him.

As part of their research, they find a tape Corbin recorded with evidence of demon possession. Unfortunately for Abbie, the possessed woman in the video turns out to be her baby sister Jenny. It’s a little convenient, but the video forces Ichabod and Abbie to bring Jenny back into the fold where they make her watch the video of her possession and then, hopefully, help them figure out how to banish the demon.

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