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Abandonment Issues

So there's our episode this week. Only Tess's parental plot seems germane to the rest of the season. It ties in with her story with Li'l Lex and how she was saved in the season opener. It also showed what Darkseid and his "Unholy Trinity" are up to. Clark and Lois's stories felt like afterthoughts, which is odd, since they're the main characters. Until this episode, there hasn't been any indication that Clark and Lois were holding back from a commitment because of their parental issues. Clark does have unresolved issues with Jor-El, but not in his capacity as a parent. Jor-El is a computer program that doesn't seem much like his birth father. He already knows from meeting Jor-El last year that his birth father is proud of him, doesn't he? As welcome a sight as Teri Hatcher was, I don't think she was especially well utilized in the story. But at least we got some forward momentum on Darkseid's plot. I was starting to think he was hanging out with Shelby and other forgotten creatures.

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