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Let's Put on a Show!
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The show -- er, movie -- opens with a cinematic sweep of Metropolis at night. The accompanying music is appropriately grand, yet also quiet and menacing. The pace of the music picks up, becoming urgent as we swoop down to street level. Chloe's just exiting Radu's Internet Cafe with a nice, big cup o' joe in one hand and her cell phone in the other. She's leaving the latest of many messages for Clark, who apparently hasn't been calling her back She walks away from the cafe, telling Clark that she knows he's busy with all the Kryptonian stuff, but she really needs to get the "super gang" together. Girl, don't apologize. Take charge of the situation! Order him around! He responds to bossy girls. She says they need to start taking things more seriously. Suddenly, her phone makes a little electronic strangling noise. The street lamps and shop signs all around her fizzle and go dark. She looks around and finds herself completely alone. People on this show have got to start parking their cars in more public places; it seems like half the times their attacked, it's when they're walking alone to their cars. She looks up and sees a man standing on a fire escape landing, wearing a flapping trench coat and carrying a tall, glowing staff. She translates this as the International Sign For Get the Hell Out of There and runs.

The glowing light from the staff follows her into an alley. Heroic music plays as the light dims and reveals the man standing before her. He's wearing a star-spangled shirt beneath his trench and looks to be in his late forties or early fifties. "Who are you?" Chloe asks. "My name is Sylvester Pemberton," he says in an odd, stilted accent that I don't quite think is intentional. It's like a really bad John Wayne impression, with tinges of something Germanic. He says he and Chloe are both trying to put a team together. Chloe feigns ignorance, but he knows she's called Watchtower. He says technology these days makes hiding a lot harder. He politely calls her "Miss Sullivan" which makes me like him despite his weird, stiff delivery. As he steps closer to her, it's clear that he's more than a bit scruffy. He calls himself a friend, but Chloe scoffs. Just then, the breeze picks up and the temperature drops precipitously. Chloe shivers. Sylvester looks around, sensing danger, then picks up Chloe and flips her into a nearby dumpster, slamming the lid down after her. "Stay down, Miss Sullivan," he says. Aww. Through a handy screen in the side of the dumpster, she sees flurries of ice and flashes of blue light. There are sounds of a fight coming from outside. The dumpster shakes violently and projectiles of ice pierce the walls, narrowly missing Chloe. When the fight is over, Chloe climbs out of the now-frozen dumpster to find Sylvester lying on the ground, his torso full of bloody holes. He gasps shakily for breath. Chloe calls for help. He grabs her shoulder and says, "They came after us, they'll come after all of you!" He tries to say who's coming, but can only get out one last word: Check. Chloe frantically asks him who's coming, but he's already dead. Somebody save Chloe! Because it's too late for Sylvester.

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