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Let's Put on a Show!

Watchtower again. Chloe tenderly tends to Oliver's boo-boos, dabbing at each cut on his arm with some kind of superhero Bactine. Oliver calls Hawkman "Pigeon Man" (hee!) and thinks he's got Clark locked up somewhere. "I don't know who these people are, but they sure as hell don't like us." Aw, he sounds so sad. Poor jerk-face. Chloe dabs at a particular nasty ouchie, eliciting a soft "Ow!" from Oliver. "I thought you said it didn't hurt!" Chloe says. "I lied," Oliver grumps. Heh. I have to admit they're sort of cute. With a final, painful dab at his forehead, Chloe packs up her first-aid kit. She's pissed that a secret society of super villains can tear them apart like this. She mopes that maybe she should give up on getting them all back together again. Oliver doesn't like what he's hearing. "Don't give up on us yet. We may be a bit dysfunctional, a bit hard to wrangle at times, but when the chips are down, we're always there." Or at least when there's room in the show's budget for all of you. Chloe counters that they were able to take Clark away from them. Oliver holds up a throwing star. "And I took this away from the winged wonder when he yanked me into the sky." Chloe thinks it looks like an antique (it looks brand new), like it belongs in a museum. Ding! Light bulb! Oliver proposes they get some reinforcements and head over there. And who do they call for reinforcements? A quick cutaway shows Detective John Jones answering his phone. Aw, we've missed you, you elusive Martian Manhunter, you!

At the Superhero Museum, Clark is passed out on the floor. He slowly wakes up and gets to his feet. He's alone, so he takes the opportunity to have a look around. He pulls the sheet off one display case, revealing a treasure trove of hero memorabilia that would make geekdom wet its collective pants. There's Wildcat's boxing gear; the Green Lantern's, uh, green lantern, along with his mask and ring; and the original Flash's winged helmet. He goes to the next case and pulls off the sheet. He finds Mr. Terrific's weight belt, Hourman's hourglass, and some of Hawkman's extra weapons. Another case holds Hawkgirl's helmet, shattered across the right brow. The next sheet he pulls off reveals a large, circular marble table, inlaid with gold and black lettering that reads "Justice Society of America." The final revelation is a painting that shows all the JSA sitting at the marble table in their superhero costumes. In the painting, Hawkman and Hawkgirl hold hands. Reverent music plays. Clark remembers flashes of the criminal records and film reel he and Chloe found, matching them up mentally with the painted images he sees now. There's a clip we didn't see earlier, showing Kent Nelson being dragged away in a straitjacket while his wife watches, crying.

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