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Let's Put on a Show!

Just then, Hawkman comes in for a landing behind him. Clark asks why he was brought here. Hawkman: "Dr. Fate says you're a big deal, but I don't see it." You should see him without his shirt. Dr. Fate emerges from the shadows to say, "Clark Kent is not like the others; his path is righteous." Self-righteous, maybe. Courtney comes into the room. "If Dr. Fate says he's OK, then he's OK, right?" Hawkman remains silent... gruffly silent. Courtney tells Clark he was brought there because Sylvester wanted to form a new JSA with the surviving members and the new kids. He should have started a Facebook fan page. People will join anything on Facebook. Hawkman is jaded, though, and thinks the new generation of heroes will make the same mistakes the last one did, and the one before that. Clark frowns. Hawkman says, "It's obvious by how you skipped your homework. You don't even know who we are." Clark: "You don't know who we are, either. But none of us here are the bad guys." An arrow pierces the air between them, striking the painted image of Hawkman right in the heart. "You so sure about that?" Oliver asks. Oliver joins the group, saying that Hawkman threw him through a window. Hawkman: "I hope I didn't make you cry." Just a little. Oliver and Hawkman whip out their metaphorical wieners and start trading insults and threats. Oliver advances on Hawkman, who neatly flips him onto the table. He raises his mace just as Oliver raises his bow. John Jones walks into the room at this point, wearing a green shirt and red suspenders under his black coat. "I hope it's not too late to say we come in peace." Heh. Tense drums! Tense stares all around! Commercials.

We rejoin the group sometime after they've cooled off a bit. They've gathered around the table. Hawkman promises that once they've taken care of the Icicle, his gang will fade away again. "We're not asking you to," Clark says. (Smallville budget department: "Yes, we are.") Carter, no longer wearing the Hawkman mask, says all they want is justice. Oliver gets all huffy. "Everything we've heard about you is a little blurry when it comes to justice." Courtney protests, but Oliver cites their long criminal records. Oliver, dude, your house is made of glass; quit throwing stones. Chloe doesn't have enough Bactine to dab all the wounds you'd incur. Courtney says the records were falsified, but Carter cuts her off because it's none of their business. John says they're making it their business. He goes on to tell them that even when he had the power to leave Earth, he didn't, and for one reason: "Hope." Humans have a capacity for violence, but a greater capacity for hope. Everyone looks thoughtful. Clark reminds them that there's a murderer out there and he's not going anywhere as long as the JSA knows something about him.

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