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At the Museum of Justice, only Clark and Dr. Fate remain. Dr. Fate wanted time alone to talk to Clark about the "hope" that John mentioned earlier. They walk through the museum together. "You are that hope," Fate says. "I have seen it." "Because you've seen the future?" Clark asks. No, because he saw the script. Fate stops and bows his head sadly. He can see everyone's fate but his own, and sometimes it scares him. "But when I see the future of someone such as yourself, I believe in tomorrow again." He looks at Clark. What he saw was that Clark will lead the new generation of heroes, as Hawkman once led theirs. This is all reminding Clark of the Legion, who came from the future and knew of his destiny. "But they were as vague as you are," he says. Fate gets specific: "Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent, you will triumph over him." The gears turn in Clark's brain, struggling to bring up old junior high English class lessons about verb tenses. "Lex is dead," Clark says. Fate says no more about that. Instead, he says that when Clark finally shows himself to the world, it will be a different age... a Silver Age, if you will. People will look up to the sky and see him as a symbol of hope for tomorrow. "You will help everyone to embrace it," Fate tells him. Clark looks mildly perturbed.

A knock comes at the door. Lois's voice calls out. Clark panics. Fate says that Lois is the key. He uses his magic powers to open the door from a distance. Lois tentatively peers inside. Clark superzips away, unseen. "Hello?" she calls out quietly. She tiptoes inside. She prowls around the darkened, creepy museum. She whispers to herself, "Careful, Lois, this is the part where the doomed girl runs into the guy with the hockey mask." Right on cue, Dr. Fate appears behind her, the red eyes in his golden mask flaring brightly. "Greetings!" he greets. Lois humorously yelps and spins around to face him. He tilts his head like a curious puppy wearing a golden helmet. They circle around each other. "Nice helmet," Lois snarks. "Thank you," he says in an awesomely hilarious and totally earnest way. Lois says she's looking for Carter Hall, who was one of a group of masked men who was "railroaded out of business." He ignores that. Instead, he says he sees her fate. "You are the one he will need, he is the one you will need." She's understandably confused. "The savior who will heal us all," Fate clarifies not at all. "The sentient power," he tries again. This whole time, she's been slowly backing away in the direction of the door. When she crosses the threshold, Fate holds up his hand and superpowers the door closed between them. Lois: "I wonder if he does horoscopes?" She uncharacteristically leaves the scene instead of badgering the nice helmet man through the door.

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