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Checkmate hangout. An unknown woman walks down the hall toward the room we saw earlier. Inside, Icicle sits on the floor once more, surrounded by the JSA's mugshots. "You're taking this assignment too personally," the woman says. The woman walks fully into the frame for the first time and it's the very awesome Pam Grier. Icicle points out this is personal. I know this kid's probably going for a comic book villainous delivery, but it's annoying the hell out of me. He calls her Waller, and she corrects him: "Agent Waller." They needlessly repeat the reason why Icicle hates the JSA, and Waller adds that Icicle's mother died of hypothermia giving birth to him. Ladies, you ever get that... not-so-warm feeling down there? "Who do you blame for her death?" Waller asks coolly. Icicle leaps up and blasts some ice in her direction. She's unfazed. He warns her not to get him all twisted up. She may have pulled him out of Juvie, but he only agreed to help her so he could get the JSA. He keeps the snow blasting at her, but she just tells him the cold doesn't bother her because she's from Chicago. He releases her. He blames the JSA for making him seek revenge and turning him into a killer. "So it is personal," he says again. If Waller doesn't like it, she can find someone else to clean up her mess. She admits Checkmate should have finished the job long ago. "Then let me finish it," he hisses, and turns back to his mugshots. Behind his back, Waller gives a strange smile and saunters out of the room.

Daily Planet. Clark's on the phone with Chloe. She updates him on everyone's whereabouts. Clark, for his part, has been looking for Lois but can't find her. All he knows is someone led her to the museum. "Someone wants her to get caught in the middle of this; it's just a question of who," he says. He spies Tess rifling through Lois's desk and confronts her, hanging up on Chloe without saying goodbye. Dude, you're still on my phone etiquette shit list from last week. Clark threatens to take the files in Tess's hands if she doesn't give them over. She turns to him with a smile, savoring the idea. "Well, it sounds like fun, but given our last encounter I should probably stay out of the sandbox." He flips through the file. "Suspicious much?" Tess asks. She says he and Lois might be perfect for each other. She also says it must be hard for Clark to be such a nosy person's boyfriend. There's a tone of threat in her side of the conversation. Clark demands to know what Tess knows about all this. "Just that your girlfriend is in way over her head," she replies. She walks away with a cocky little smile.

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