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A moment later, Lois walks into the room and sees Clark sitting at his desk. She teases him about missing their breakfast date. It's a big improvement for her that she's not berating him about it, I guess. Clark says he's heard she's working on a big murder story. Lois whispers that she's got some extra-super-classified intel. Clark forces a smile and asks to take a look. Nope; he missed out when he decided not to show up that morning. She clutches a metal file box to her chest and walks through the office, Clark trailing behind her. She grins, clearly enjoying taunting Clark. "We could be like Woodward and Bernstein," Clark offers. No dice. He tries another angle: If it's so classified, how'd she get on the case? "I was hand-picked by an anonymous source," she beams, leading him into the archive room. She finally lets him in on her intel, telling him that the people who were killed had fabricated criminal records. They were vigilante superheroes, like the Blur. "I met one of them -- he was wearing a gold-plated helmet and a cape." "And that's all you know?" Clark presses. No -- she also knows that their leader Carter Hall almost killed someone named the Icicle. Not only that, but the Icicle had a son who was sprung from Juvie by someone "very high up" and his records were sealed. "Now, I'm not supposed to know this, but there were other bad guys that these underground heroes fought, and every one of them has been released secretly." They and their records are missing. She gives Clark a triumphant look. Clark frowns as he realizes someone's collecting bad guys. Don't worry; I'm pretty sure this has been a plot in a past season and nothing much came of it.

Creepy, dimly lit nitrogen depot. John Jones and Dr. Fate show up and have a little chit chat about how John has been forced to live as a human ever since he used up his powers to save Clark's life. "You see what I see in Clark Kent," Fate says, "but without the aid of the helmet of Nabu." John just looks at him. Fate explains about how seeing into people's future eventually became too much. He asks John if he had a wife before his people were destroyed. John's visible sadness acknowledges that he did. "And a daughter," he says. They both miss their families. Suddenly, there's electrical sizzling sound and the lights flicker. "We are in danger," Fate announces. Maybe you wouldn't be if you hadn't been standing out in the open, just gabbing away while waiting for the homicidal maniac to show up. John whips out a pair of handguns. He and Fate sneak around until they come upon dead, frozen guards. "It's too late, he's already been here," John says. Dr. Fate tells him it's not his day to die. He flings a glowing, ephemeral ankh at John, hurling him into a temporary tear in the universe... or something. You can see Mars behind John as his human guise melts away and his true, green self emerges. Then, just as quickly, he looks human again and the tear heals itself with a blast. John falls unconscious to the floor. Icicle pops up behind Fate to skewer him with a spear of ice. As Fate drops, his helmet comes loose. Icicle sees it and hears the incessant whispering. He picks up the helmet and smiles.

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