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Clark meets Courtney at Metropolis General. "I'm sorry about Dr. Fate," he says. Damn, news gets around fast. She says that Hawkman flew off and Green Arrow went after him when they heard about it. "And John?" Clark asks. Dr. Emil had him transferred to a secure room. I could have sworn his name was Dr. Emil Hamilton. Is he like Dr. Phil, going just by his first name? They meet the good doctor and discuss John's condition. Seems he's undergoing some kind of "incubation" but the doc doesn't know what the end result will be. Emil goes to check on John, leaving Courtney and Clark to talk. "Part of me wishes Hawkman would find Icicle first," she admits, because he would do what she wouldn't. "I know it's wrong." Clark agrees. She says the JSA has always done the right thing, until the end when Hawkman crossed the line. "Then it's up to you to make it right," Clark says. No pressure or anything. Courtney smiles and says Clark reminds her of Sylvester. Clark earnestly tells her not to let Sylvester's torch -- passed on to her -- go out. "Keep his legacy alive and you keep him alive," Clark says. She nods.

Archive room at the Daily Planet. Lois digs through some new boxes of information. Waller's voice says behind her: "Those are classified." They were left there for Lois, Waller tells her. "Who are you?" Lois asks. Waller smiles. "If I'm going to give you a front-page story, does it really matter?" I would think so, yes. Lois disagrees with me, though. She just wants to know why she was chosen. Waller flatters Lois, telling her that Lois has a way of digging up skeletons. "You embraced the truth." Except when it comes to finding out who her anonymous source is, I guess. Lois remembers the card she received earlier, about the truth setting her free. Waller holds out a portable hard drive. She might as well be handing over a poison apple, but Lois takes it.

Pop-cicle's hospital room. Icicle has brought Fate's helmet for a visit to daddy. "This is it, Dad. This is gonna help me finish them off." He holds his father's hand for a moment then says goodbye. "I love you," he says tearfully. Then for some reason he unplugs his father's life support machines. Mercy killing, I guess? I don't really know. He holds the helmet up to his face. It molds to his head and shows him glimpses of the battle that happens toward the end of the show. He screams. It's not that bad, dude. Commercials.

Museum of Justice. Carter smashes through a glass case to retrieve a weapon. Uh, aren't you in charge of that museum? Don't you have a key? Oliver's there with him and thinks they should group with the others before they go after Icicle. Carter scoffs. "You go back to Sherwood, Robin Hood. I'll turn Icicle into slush myself." Ugh. Oliver looks at Hawkgirl's shattered mask and theorizes that it was what happened to her that made things go bad. "Was she your partner?" Oliver asks. "My wife," Carter says. Off Oliver's surprised reaction, Carter asks, "What would someone like me know about love? I only know it ends." He says it always ended in all of his past lives. This surprises Oliver even more. Carter explains about how he and his wife were born a thousand years ago, cursed by an enemy, to fall in love and die over and over. "The sooner this life's over, the sooner I see my wife again." He takes a knife from another display case and sharpens it. Oliver waits a few seconds, then says he's never had a connection like that, or not one that lasted. Carter scolds him. "Because you hide it!" Oliver doesn't want anyone to know how important they are to him. "So you act like a jackass," Carter says, emphasizing each work with a swipe of the knife against the whetstone. Oliver looks like he's going to cry, but he bucks up and says he knows what it's like to want to die, but Courtney's counting on him. "So why don't you take the death wish and shelf it?" Oliver says. I wish he'd said "shove it" instead. Oh, well. Carter scowls but puts down the knife. Oliver hands him his mace. "Thing's heavier than it looks," Oliver says. Carter: "You get used to it." Meaningful looks.

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